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1 07/13/2012 DudleyGrunt Found it

3403.  My second stop running around WNY, today.  I even got to be a VIP, too.  Only spotted one muggle using the trail and he wasn't an issue.

Took a little bit to get to the proper GZ, but once I felt I was in the right place, I made the find without trouble.

Was listening to the latest Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast on the lost settlement of Roanoake.  I almost felt I was trying to make MY way around virgin territory.

Left one of my wooden nickels.

Thanks and Happy Trails!

1 01/21/2012 team scrunchy Found it

Ringo and I figured it was about time to crash this party so we are logging our first OCUS find. Found in the afternoon and was much colder out than our morning walk. Have trouble with this web site so had to look up the cache on the smart phone and enter the coordinates by hand. Now I'm having trouble with this log. We started from the fire station and after a short distance saw a spot I thought would be a good place for a cache. Turns out somebody else had the same thought. So ends our first OCUS encounter. Maybe if I can figure out this web site we'll try some others. TFTC

1 08/14/2011 Cski Found it

I have all the local OC caches loaded on my GPS so I can grab that spontaneous find.  Was driving thru hunting for a nearby cache and decided to grab this one as well since it was only about .3 miles away.  Once I got to GZ I realized it was an OC cache so that was a nice little bonus.  Found both legs without difficulty and both are in great shape.  Rehid as found and everything is good to go.  Thanks for the cache!!

1 06/05/2011 Atmospherium Found it

Biked my way along the path from the bridge. I nabbed Leg 1 right away. Hopefully I didn't rehide it too well. But any cacher worth his salt should have no trouble with it.

Reaching the final was not exactly intense, but not entirely pleasant either. The mosquitoes were glad to see me. Luckily I quickly spotted a conspicuous something-or-other, signed in, and got out again. Thanks!

1 04/15/2011 dayout4us Found it

we enjoyed our walk along the path and searched a while for leg one..not realizing it was a multi lol. saw the clue that we indeed had more to do, so loaded it up and headed out. found that the final coords were great and lead us right to the intended spot. cache is in great shape, signed the log and returned exactly as found. TFTC Mr. Yuck!

1 04/10/2011 Cayuga Crew Found it

Just about when I figured this opencaching thing might be fading away up pop two new ones in relative close proximity to one another.   Figures therre would be a couple of diehards that just can't let it go.  Of course I started the day with the neweer of the two then headed this way to make the find here.   No problems with the first leg but the coords for the final had me just a tad off the actual location.   A couple of seconds later I spotted a likely hide location and sure enough made the grab.    Added a little swag to the cache before heading for home.    Thanks for placing it.

1 04/09/2011 GOF Found it

We found this one with no bystander issues on this sunny day. Go figure. On a rainy day Borst has problems and the worst thing we had happen was a boat motored by.

Anyway the cache was fun. We enjoyed a nice strole on a beautiful spring day.

Thank you.

1 04/09/2011 Rayman Found it

Had stuff to do around the house on this wonderful spring day, so only had time to find one or two caches. Since most of the stuff left close to home that I haven't found yet are junk hides, this ended up being my only search of the day. Had no trouble with muggles while searching, although they were definitely out and about. You're right about the final being in a target rich environment! Fortunately I was able to come up with the hide after about 5 minutes. Nice job as always, pal. Thanks.

1 04/04/2011 Borst68 Found it

I figured I would give this one a try since it is fairly close to home.  With the light rain, I also figured the muggles would be non-existant.  I pulled up to the VIP parking and headed toward the zero.  On my drive in, I could see a few people on the path.  I kept eyes peeled for muggles as I searched the obvious hiding spot.  It only took me a minute or two to spot something out of the ordinary.  With the coords in hand, I entered them into the GPS... as the muggles appeared.  I kept pressing buttons on the GPS to appear like I was texting.  They continued on.  After replacing leg 1, I continued to the final in the same direction as the muggles.  Althought they looked to be walking briskly, they weren't covering much ground.  I walked slowly to allow them to gain some distance.  As I approached the area that I needed to leave the trail, they turned around.  I guess I need to tie my shoes...  Eventually the coast was clear and I made my way into the impenetrable bramble.  I meandered through the thicket to the zero and found the nifty hiding spot.  Coords were good.  GPS said 9 feet when I was at the zero.  Considering the rain, I am surprised it got me that close.  Upon opening the book, I saw what every cacher wants to see.  Nothing but clean paper! 
FTF Baby!  Signed the log at 1842, TNLN and put back in its snuggly nest.  Tried a different way out that was as rough as the way in.    This is a fun, quick multi.  TFTC.