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1 09/07/2015 zepp914 Found it

This is my first Open GC find. Wow there were lots of pathtags to choose from. I swapped 2 for 2. I would have traded more, but all I had were duplicates.

Container is in good shape.


1 01/12/2013 Searcher28 Found it

I looked for this one the last time I was here but didn't find it. I guess I was too tired to look properly. Today, I found it in the first place I looked and in a place I checked last time. TNLNSL. Thanks for the fun.

3 10/08/2012 cycleangela Comment

Hunting dates for the park have been released! Please do not got to the park on these days: (2012) October 15; October 29; November 12; November 19; (2013) January 7; January 28; February 11; February 19.

1 10/21/2011 sfcchaz Found it

I had the day off and decided to do a little caching in the area. I parked at the Park entrance off of Trooter Rd. This was nicely set up and a very good hide. I missed the cache the first time I checked the hiding spot and circle for a couple minutes. I thought to myself that I should probably check that spot again and made the find.

I traded four pathtags, only one of which created a duplicate in the cache. I also took the pin and left a Kiss Me button.

I went on to complete Southwind Trail - Circle of Life after this one. My trek was 3.25 miles round trip. TFTC

1 10/15/2011 DudleyGrunt Found it

#3000!!!  I'd thought another cache was my 3000th on Columbus Day, but when logging the caches I'd found over the weekend, I found that I'd miscounted and had ended up at 2999 caches.

I was then glad to see these 2 new OCUS hides pop up at just the right time.  I hadn't even see them show up in the approval queue, but simply saw the e-mails that they'd be published.

I checked with sfcchaz to see if he was going to try for FTF or wanted ot meet up, but he had other plans.

Ground was a bit wet in some areas, but I managed not to slip and fall or even get particularly muddy.

I DID enter the final coords incorrectly (by .1 minute) and started off a bit farther than I thought I should be.  I rechecked and doubled back.  Took about 10 minutes of looking around GZ to find the well hidden container.

Thanks and Happy Trails!