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3 08/15/2012 obxgeek Comment

It looks like this one has gone missing.  The last hider stopped by today and it is no longer in the field.

9 08/15/2012 obxgeek Cache archived

Cache was archived.

11 08/15/2012 obxgeek Temporarily unavailable

Cache will be temporarily unavailable.

2 07/28/2012 cycleangela Didn't find it

I thought I was in the right spot based on sfcchaz's hint, but no luck today. Hopefully, I just missed another cacher picking it up.

4 12/27/2011 sfcchaz Cache moved

I wanted to keep this one in the area for a little longer, so I made a quick easy hide.

New coords:  N 39° 10.913 / W 076° 47.503

D/T: 1.5 / 1.5

Hint: Haqre onpx fvqr bs ohfu gb yrsg bs ynzc cbyr nf frra sebz tenffl fvqr.

1 12/25/2011 sfcchaz Found it

I was in the area today and wanted to seek this one before it got moved farther away. I spent about 30 minutes searching in vain before texting the previous hider. I got a reply, but it still didn't help. Once I spoke to DG, it became apparent that there was a slight error in the posted coordinates which put me more than 450 feet off. Found it quickly with the correct coordinates at 11:25 AM.

I'll be hiding this one again in a couple of days. TFTC

4 12/18/2011 DudleyGrunt Cache moved

Thought I'd see about checking on my Islands cache, but  the water was too high and I wasn't prepared for a river crossing, so I'll need to come back for that.

New coords:  N 39 08.052 / W 76 49.381

D/T: 1.5 / 2

Hint: Rkcyber lbhe naprfgel.

This seems to be the best way to log a Moving Cache.  "Found" when you actually find it and a "Moved", after re-hiding it.

Available DAWN to DUSK.

1 12/17/2011 DudleyGrunt Found it

3061 / 64. Decided to run out to (western) NoVA to grab both of obxgeek's new moving caches - and get them moving. This was my 2nd stop. Took a few minutes, but I made the find. Snapped a pic of the cache with my "red runner".

Will find a new place for it tomorrow.

Thanks and Happy Trails!
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Red Runners
Red Runners

3 12/02/2011 obxgeek Comment

The cache is ready to go.