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1 10/06/2012 Great Scott Found it

Was very much ready to give up again when I stopped for a moment think about where I had not searched and there it was! Glad to get this off my must find list. Thanks for the cache! ~~GS!

2 08/11/2012 Great Scott Didn't find it

Tried again today for about 5 minutes before the hard rains came.

3 04/01/2012 obxgeek Comment

I stopped by this one while out on a pre-summer maintenance run to make sure everything is ready for the comming vacation season and this one is right in place.  You are hunting for a black bison tube if that helps any.  :)

2 02/17/2012 Great Scott Didn't find it

I looked for about a hour. Just circling around the trees. I'll be back another time.