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9 05/15/2015 Sabrefan7 Cache archived

Cache was archived.

3 05/15/2015 Sabrefan7 Comment

I looked today and its gone. With the recent vandals I think the caretakers have cleaned out the caches and letterboxes. Time to retire it.

2 08/15/2014 Mr.Yuck Didn't find it

If there's a cache in there (spoiler pic), I sure as heck didn't find it!! And DG DNF'd this thing twice while it was presumably in place? You sure are good at hiding stuff. And good thing I always carry hand sanitzer in the car for washing up. Laughing Great Cemetery though, very rich in history.

3 07/21/2013 Sabrefan7 Comment

Still there, right were I placed it. Here is a pretty good clue
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2 05/25/2013 markups09 Didn't find it

I looked all over for this cache and couldn't find it even had help from the lawn care crew they pointed me to the grave but no luck on the actual cache. This is right around the corner from my house so I think I might reestablish the cache site. 

1 08/11/2012 Rayman Found it

I was a little worried going to this cache since Dudley has had such a hard time finding it. But after poking around for a minute or so in the likely hide spot, the nicely hidden cache revealed itself much to my relief. Afterwards I walked around a few minutes and made sure to stop by the resting place for the amazing Joseph Ellicott for whom the building I work in is named for. Cache is in good shape, thanks for placing it.

2 07/12/2012 DudleyGrunt Didn't find it

Strike two. :-(

Thanks and Happy Trails!
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1 12/30/2011 authorized users Found it

We went out with marlton and sarjephine to grab some caches and this was one that we just had to grab!  We got the Morgan Affair cache last year and never quite got back to this one, so we made sure it was first on the list!  We found this one with a little too much ease, but to watch K (of marlton) find it and her face light up, it was well worth it!  K made a trade of some bracelets for a Virginia Beach keychain.  Thanks for another OCUS cache, SF7!! The cache is holding up very well!


1 08/30/2011 Cski Found it

Finally made it back here to avenge and early DNF on this cache awhile ago.  Walked right up to it today and found it in seconds.  I can't believe how some caches just do that sometimes!!!   Drives me crazy!!  Cache is in great shape here and is ready to be found again.  Nicely done Sabre and TFTC!!!

2 06/30/2011 DudleyGrunt Didn't find it

Enjoyed the site, but, after 6 months, I think that the aforementioned critter may have made off the cache, again.

3 12/17/2010 Sabrefan7 Comment

Stopped by to check up on the cache today all is good to go. SF7

1 11/25/2010 pat Found it

Visiting some family in the area for Thanksgiving, some of the kids wanted to go caching again this year, so we stopped here to look for the morgan cache. Walking toward the cache my little one stopped and started poking around, so I told her to "keep up it's this way" that's when she yelled "found it!". Figured out it wasn't the cache we were looking for and got the other cache also. Thanks for the message with the details of this site.

2 11/15/2010 GOF Didn't find it

So we left the Pembroke park cache and hopped on the thruway. We were headed to Batavia to find this cache. As we passed the Pembroke service plaza the little red picture of a battery lit up on our dashboard. "Um Honey, turn off everything you can." Why? What's the matter?" "You know that alternator that Autozone gave me under waranty yesterday? It is also toast." We limped in to Batavia and tried for the Autozone on 63. Didn't make it. But we had tools with us and called for some family to come help us out. Got the alternator off and warranteed, AGAIN. A quick jump start and we made it home with no more problems. But heck, we still have to find this cache so we will be back.

1 10/12/2010 Szuchie Found it

Holy flaming squirrels…we figured this would be a pretty straightforward find, but as usually we were way off. Haha. We have been to this place several times for assorted reasons, and we never get tired of exploring the many unique markers here. So with Chicky at my side we wandered towards the zero, and quickly noticed the container from 50 feet away.

As we approached we noticed the cache had been disturbed by an animal, and whatever that animal was doing it not only moved the cache from it’s hiding spot, it also left it’s dinner laying alongside it. Eww…squirrel ala carte. Yummers! Anyways, I cleaned out the smelly lil’ bugger from the hidie hole and signed in, noticing that someone had stumbled upon the cache while finding another cache in the park.

What a weird way to end the day…haha…anyway, thanks SF7 for getting us back to this historic place. We always enjoy the adventure - that’s for sure!


3 09/18/2010 Cski Comment

I figured you'd find it if anybody would TWU!!!  After your work in Alden a few weeks ago I new you'd be the one.  Glad it's out there!!

1 09/18/2010 Cayuga Crew Found it

Hmmm very interesting as I thought I saw a DNF posted when I checked the cache page before leaving work this afternoon.   Although I hate to admit it the mystery DNF kind of influenced where and how I searched.  After checking a couple of locations and coming up empty I expanded the search area slightly and still could not locate the cache.  After rechecking the areas closest to the zero and finding no cache for a second time I began to think that this cache might represent the first opencaching muggling in WNY.   I took a walk around the cemetery to just look around I guess and check some areas  that looked like they might hold a cache hundreds of feet away from the zero knowing deep down that Sabrefan usually posts spot on coords.  Before leaving  I decided to revisit the Joseph Ellicott monument and stopped to poke around near my zero one more time.  Of course thats when I found it.


Thanks for the cemetery tour and the cache.