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1 08/13/2015 Crezdonn Found it

1 09/18/2011 Coffee Peddlers Found it

Heading home from FAP X and wanted to finally get some OC finds!! Thanks very much for not only the hide but the fact that this is a OC only hide. Made the search a little more specail. 



1 12/11/2010 alli-oop Found it

We were in the area doing some nearby caches and grabbed this one as well.  Easy find.  SL at 3:00 pm, TFTC.

1 12/11/2010 rogking Found it

This was the 3rd of 9 today. This was my first find on opengeocaching.us. We were 2nd to find...  It was a quick find. This is a neat area, you can see how the roads used to go before the 401. I always wondered why the road on the other side of the 401 goes diagonal for a while. I see now they connected the two roads that used to connect near this cache.

TNLN SL TFTC #2703 @ 14:59.

1 11/29/2010 Bakers Dozen Found it

[email protected]:50

This was our first find on opencaching. We had fun looking in this new area.