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9 09/19/2012 NativTxn Cache archived

Cache was archived.

3 09/19/2012 NativTxn Comment

The cache was missing and the area is covered in Poison Ivy and Fire Ants.  I'm going to archive this one.  It's a great tree, but I think I can find a safer place to hide one.

2 03/22/2012 TommyGator Didn't find it

The poison ivy is really thick so I had to tread carefully---it may be there, but my probing from a distance didn't reveal anything.

1 01/08/2011 geohiker Found it

As we were driving to this one we spotted the tree from about a mile away.  There is a similar cache outside of Victoria in a Grand Ole Tree.  Enjoyed the container.  SL  TFTC

1 12/12/2010 ckpetrus Found it

Logged this found yesterday on geocaching.com. Not sure if I want to start logging on two separate sites but thought I'd use this cache to check out the opencaching system.

1 10/08/2010 EASTXCOP Found it

Loved the container! I could almost see better! But I gotta admit, on my way to the cache after reading the cache name, I caught myself whistling "Grand O' Flag"!

1 09/04/2010 StAggie99 Found it

Mom took me by here and the cache was NOT where she had put it. We searched high and low and boy was it high. I had to use a stick to get it down. Added a geocaching tatoo. We put it back where most people can reach it.

1 07/15/2009 AgNav Found it

Not caching long... but too long to remember container as I post this years later... TFTC

1 11/28/2008 Manofsteel Found it

Caching with my son after Thanksgiving Day, that is a grand ole tree. SL. TFTC.