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1 02/09/2012 dexter Found it

I saw a number of new GC and TC placements in the Pine Lilly Preserve and came by to check them out.  As is my habit on a walkabout in a new area I wander off the beeline from time to time and just happened upon this usual looking tree and realized it was actually a zstatman cache.  Thanks for the serendipity.



3 01/21/2012 zstatman Comment

Thanks Boonie, hopefully it will remain. The site is rather isolated so wait & see.

For those who do seek out the Sturdy Oak, if missing alert me ASAP and will adjust.

1 01/21/2012 The Boonie Man Found it

I don't know. The days might be numbered for this old timer. I saw lots of small trees and bushes nearby that were reduced to mulch. My guess is they're getting ready to burn this place. Hope the tag and the tree survives the inferno.

The Boonie Man