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1 09/07/2012 doublestuff Found it

Eureka! My first OU cache find. Great cache with a very nice trail system here. It was easier getting back to the car, but isn't that always the case after a successful journey! Based on previous logs I thought that this one had a potential of taking sometime. Just kept saying. ..as the crow flies ...as the crow flies,  while looking at my GPSr show farther then closer, then farther again.  On the way some bmx'r were setting up. On the way out I wactched them peddle the track.  It turns out they were the ones that built it.  Cool, very cool with this in the woods.

The lid is loose, Huge container, Nice hide tried to camouflage it up a little more than it was

T batteries L pathtag SL

doublestuff of
team oreo cookies

1 10/12/2010 Oreb Found it

Nice walk in the woods this morning to this very old cache. I wasn't quite sure how to access the trails but was able to get onto the correct one with only a minor bushwhack from the soccer fields. Had the place to myself and was glad that last night's rain was not continuing, although I got some drops here and there as the wind shook the leaves. Liked the container!TNLNSL TFTC

1 11/27/2002 Mountain_Wanderer Found it

A very snowy day to be out, but a better challenge this way. Found the pole easy enough and updated the coords. Once near the cache I had to look around for quite a while. I was getting worried that it was buried under the snow, but finally found it. I took Kokopelli and left a toy soldier.


Logging this on opencaching even though I found it many years ago. Is that OK?