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11 10/23/2015 obxgeek Temporarily unavailable

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7 10/16/2015 PaddleAway attended the event

This was a fun event in combination with a Munzee Event in the middle of the Going Caching Mega Event.  What a great combo!  We also collected donations of food and money to donate to the local food pantry.  A very nice way to thank the community for allowing us to overtake their city for the long weekend.  I'm glad that Open Caching is open to those of us that enjoy both caching and munzees.  I was also glad to hear that you still allow virtuals.  

7 10/16/2015 obxmonkey attended the event

Helped my dad obxgeek with the munzee event and food collection.

7 10/16/2015 obxgeek attended the event

We had a good turnout of players and had the chance to talk a little bit about how opencaching is much more open to working with other games and the fact that there is even an attribute to let people know about munzees in open caches.  Sadly time got away from me so I didn't get to put out caches in the area but a number of people were interested in the fact that there are still new virtuals being hidden on the listing service as well as the fact that there are different rules around comercial caches.

Durring the event we collected $145 and 50 good items to donate and another $25 and 30 cans were dropped off Saturday when people realized they had missed the event.  So overall it was a success.


Thank you to the OC.NA team for the help getting the word out and I look forward to more opencaching events in the future.  #coexist

8 10/07/2015 PaddleAway will attend the event

It will definitely be a fun time.