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1 05/14/2016 efrodo Found it

Out with zstatman while he does some cache maintenance.  I've not been out to this observation deck before.  Enjoyed the hike out here.

3 05/14/2016 zstatman Comment

Out in the area doing some cache maintenance and happy to say that this one is in great shape and ready to be claimed!

1 03/23/2013 The Boonie Man Found it

What a surprise! After nearly two years you would think someone would have found this cache by now. Surprisingly the lamenated tag is still holding up.  I just had to hang upside down in order to read it, that's all. Wink

Anyways, I always wondered why they put an observation deck way out here. Was it for the palm trees. They're so rare. Tongue out

Thanks for puzzling find and the head rush.

The Boonie Man