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2 02/07/2017 texliebmann Didn't find it

Maybe because I was looking at night. It is a beautiful building.

1 04/28/2015 mermaldad Found it

I don't get into Cleveland very often b ut I had this one on my list so when I finally got the opportunity I went for it Cache is in good shape This is my first find on opencaching . TFTC!

1 03/08/2014 Mr.Yuck Found it

Well, sorry it took an Admin of the website from Buffalo on a day trip to Cleveland to be the first logged find on your cache. We don't have much of a presence in NE Ohio. In fact our 3 closest caches were placed by yours truly in Ashtabula County on a mini vacation in Ohio wine country with Mrs.Yuck last summer. Yell There is an FTF log entry dated August 28th, 2013, someone using their real name. Perhaps it was an employee of the establishment? Thanks for placing the cache and listing it here, but I'm afraid as far as Geocaching.com is concerned, the micro across the street was there first, and there's nothing you can do about it. The cache was in outstanding condition, by the way, bone dry.