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3 07/07/2017 TermiteHunter Comment

Updated coordinates from the last move waaay back then

4 08/18/2015 GoinPostNet Cache moved

Here are the new coords...

N 35° 06.300 W 080° 42.820

Cache is wedged under a rock between greenway and the stream.

1 08/13/2015 themulcher Found it

I retrived this cache and replaced the container with the permission of the CO. Moved it to

N 35° 07.668 W 080° 49.258

Let's keep this one alive and moving.

In the crook of the tree.

4 04/14/2015 GoinPostNet Cache moved

Moved the Walrus to a new home...look for the giant tree.

N35 11.950 W80 51.432

4 04/13/2015 themulcher Cache moved

I found this as part of the GCGC Laundry List Relay. I left some crossed sticks at GZ and moved it to .


35 08.109

080 48.546

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Old GZ
Old GZ

4 04/12/2015 rvstauff Cache moved

The cache is on the road side of the trail in a hollowed log with wood covering the end of the cache near a tree.  Closer to the road than the trail...


The coordinates below are from a cell phone, for what they are worth.  Averaged from several readings:


The average position was:

35.16474 -80.70277

N 35° 09.885' W 080° 42.166'

N 35° 09' 53.081" W 080° 42' 09.976"

35.16474468 -80.70277122



Google maps: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=35.164744676,-80.702771216

3 04/12/2015 rvstauff Comment

Got it!


Like the newly refurbished cache!  Long may it run.


35 9.885

80 42.166

3 03/23/2015 TermiteHunter Comment

The Walrus has been completely refurbished and is now in place awaiting another find and move.

Back in Idlewild Park

2 08/31/2014 QueensGrantMusic Didn't find it

I went look in the Mint Hill Park.  I know I found GZ and the geopile, but no cache.  I will ask the previous hider if he remembers anything else.

4 01/18/2014 rvstauff Cache moved

New Location:




N 35° 10.452 W 080° 38.042


At end of disc golf course, in thick woods a little bit following "deer trail", under a leaning tree, covered nicely with a geopile.

The Walrus was dried out and threads freshly wrapped with teflon tape to hopefully keep moisture out.



1 01/11/2014 debaere Found it

Found this in Idlewild with NinjaChipmunk before the CITO today.


This is the first cache of this type (moveable) that I have ever found. Thanks!

4 01/11/2014 rvstauff Cache moved

I saw my old friend hanging out at Idlewild and had to grab him.


The Walrus is drying out a little (just a bit damp) at the rvstauff abode, and I will re-hide.


I plan on rehiding in a Mint Hill Park (where else)?


New coords to follow in a few days.


Thanks for the cache, TH!

3 05/01/2013 TermiteHunter Comment

Brought The Walrus back to Mecklenburg where he should remain in his travels.  Coordinates above.

4 10/28/2012 GoinPostNet Cache moved

The Walrus wanted to hang out where I found El Lobo. So I found a spot very close by at: N 35° 03.313 W 081° 05.824

1 10/26/2012 GoinPostNet Found it

I found The Walrus before the night caching event in the area. I'll post the new coords after I move him to his new spot soon.

4 10/03/2012 Boudha Cache moved

I finally found the Walrus and moved him to:


N35 19.379 W80 46.614


There is plenty of parking near the barrier at the end of the street.  He is a short walk from there.

2 09/23/2012 HB31 Didn't find it

Looked all over the area with two sets of eyes - couldn't find it.

4 09/17/2012 TermiteHunter Cache moved

Picked up and moved my old freind.


W080 42.923

3 07/24/2012 TermiteHunter Comment

The Walrus is still resting where RVStauff left him.  I think he is easier to find following RV's directions in the log.

2 07/21/2012 DudleyGrunt Didn't find it

I made 3 seperate searches, while at the park, but just could not find it.

3 06/06/2012 TermiteHunter Comment

The Walrus is alive and well. Just checked on him and he's just resting there, lonely and ready to move on.

3 06/06/2012 rvstauff Comment

this is more of a DNF than a comment.  I wnt by to check on my friend, the Walrus and could not find him.  The area looked quite different than I remembered it...  maybe another tree fell or something.You may want to check on him, TH....  I hope it didn't go missing on my hide.

3 11/05/2011 rvstauff Comment

I checked on the The Walrus while I was in the area.

SOMEONE FOUND HIM!!!!  He was out of the hiding place, in the open.  I re-hid much better this time, at the same place under a more substantial geopile.  I didn't check contents for signatures or swag removal.

I am glad that he was still there!

Somebody go get him!  Poor Walrus is getting lonely.


4 09/24/2011 rvstauff Cache moved

35° 09.829

80° 42.119


Back in a more suitable home in the Walrus' Owner's favorite park.

Due to poor GPS reception,  here are a few hints...


*  Head into the woods on a trail that goes past a picnic table

*  Cross over the trail that the trail you are on "T"s off with

*  Stay straight, pass the "Y" tree that is holding up a rotting trunk

*  Look in the stump hole of a fallen tree - I have covered the Walrus snuggly in a geopile of sorts.

3 09/16/2011 rvstauff Comment

I will do a bit of maintenance and place in a more suitable home soon.  I didn't want to leave the poor walrus stranded so close to a parking lot.  I was hoping someone would pick it up quickly.

3 09/16/2011 TermiteHunter Comment

The Walrus has been picked up and is the hands of RVStauff.  Will update coordinates once placed.

4 08/23/2011 rvstauff Cache moved

Walrus is at N 35° 10.885', W 080° 38.747'

While there, grab TH's OpenCache "Open Warning".

Also... get my "Gordon Shumway's Space Ship", assuming it is published while you are in the area! 

1 08/21/2011 Recommendation rvstauff Found it

The Walrus is heading to Mint Hill!!!!

This is my 4th find on Opencaching.

Glad to finally have a chance to grab the Walrus - I have been watching him since birth.  The pieces fell into place today, FINALLY!

Thanks, TermiteHunter.

New Coordinates posted Monday sometime.

3 08/15/2011 TermiteHunter Comment

The Walrus was moved but not logged here.

Thanks for the rescue Beemerdon


N 35 08.072  W 080 48.400

4 07/24/2011 dew5077 Cache moved

Ok, just got back from placing this one in the dark...  Didn't bring the phone with me.  Embarassed  It wasn't my first choice of placement, but I couldn't get it safely in my first choice... Cry So the GPS might be off a little, hard to tell where exactly I put it since I can't see the dirt path from the satelite view...

There is a dirt path entering the woods.   It is closest to the corner of the track.  Go in, turn right follow the path.  That will get you close to the coordinates I posted.  It's about 5 feet up in the air.


N 35° 7.026' W 80° 58.180'



1 07/23/2011 dew5077 Found it

The Walrus has been found.   :)  Once I located it I called my 4 year old over, and he found it quickly once I got him closer to it. 

I will relocate sometime today, as I leave to go OOT tomorrow for 3 weeks...  :D


I will post coordinates once I figure out where I will leave it... 

4 07/10/2011 mccallum Cache moved

[right]10 Jul 2011
1400 hours
PETAW HQ[/right]
Charlotte Area GeoCachers,
  The Walrus has made a successful reentry into the wild!  We have chosen the "[url=http://maps.google.com/maps?q=N+35%C2%B0+10.311+W+080%C2%B0+54.272&hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=35.171894,-80.904535&spn=0.001544,0.002068&sll=34.171743,-80.75316&sspn=0.012409,0.016544&gl=us&t=h&z=19]Walrus Renaissance[/url]" theme for this historic occasion.  We wish our new friend well and will surely be checking in on him again.
Mac and the mighty 5
N 35° 10.311 W 080° 54.272
10 Jul 2011
1400 hours

Charlotte Area GeoCachers,

  The Walrus has made a successful reentry into the wild!  We have chosen the "Walrus Renaissance" theme for this historic occasion.  We wish our new friend well and will surely be checking in on him again.

Mac and the mighty 5

N 35° 10.311 W 080° 54.272

1 07/09/2011 mccallum Found it

Since Mac is the president of PETAW (People for the Ethical Treatment of Abandoned Walruses), we decided to take this lonely guy into our care until it is strong enough to be re-introduced into the wild of Mec. County once more. We will keep you updated on the status of The Walrus' condition.

Sara, of Mac and the mighty 5  Wink

4 07/03/2011 FailedApparatus Cache moved

Found the Walrus once again, lost and confused in the hands of Overcached at an event in SC.  He was crying out for familiarity so we added some comforting swag and relocated him to a familiar spot.

N 35 7.393' W 80 42.299'

Hopefully this was the last time he wanders out of his designated area.

4 07/03/2011 overcached Cache moved

Moved to http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=N+34%C2%B0+43.633+W+080%C2%B0+45.098  the home of GeoWoodstuck event this evening.  

However, he was picked up immediatley by Aural Mechanism and Failed Apparatus and is on the move again.  


4 07/01/2011 overcached Cache moved

Picked up from N 35.31950 W 80.72840 and will drop off Saturday.  I missed the little guy.Kiss

3 07/01/2011 TermiteHunter Comment


Current location

N 35.31950 W 80.72840

4 06/28/2011 overcached Cache moved

The walrus has bee released. He is now atTermiteHunter http://coord.info/GC1D7ED


I hope someone picks him up soon. It got pretty wet there tonight.

3 06/28/2011 Walrus Comment

I'm almost free.  My ransom has been paid (thanks Dad and Therapaint-I am feeling the love)!  The eggman said I was going home tomorrow.  Soon I will be back in the woods of Mecklenburg County.  hmmmm.

I was actually having fun here.  Oh, and the geocachers in Georgia were really nice to me tonight.

See you GCGC'ers soon!

I am,

The Walrus




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The Walrus with Georgia Cachers
The Walrus with Georgia Cachers
More Cachers in Georgia
More Cachers in Georgia

1 06/27/2011 Microcached Found it

Hey-caught thi one on it's way through Georgia!

3 06/27/2011 Walrus Comment

Hi Dad,

I got my first cache published today.


I had to us gc.com becasue opencaching said animals couldn't place caches.  

I hope you are proud of me and will pay my ransom soon.

-The Walrus



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1 06/26/2011 Walrus Found it

Ponderings from The Walrus:

I am he as you are he as you are me

And we are all together...

I'm crying...

Sitting on a cornflake
Waiting for the van to come..

I am the eggman, oh, they are the eggman
Oh, I am the walrus, goo goo g'joob.

If I am the Walrus, then I must log this as found, goo goo g'joob.

I am the eggman, oh, they are they eggmen 
Oh, I am the walrus, goo goo g'joob
Goo goo g'joob, goo goo g'joob 

Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
I am the walrus, they are the Eggman
I am the walrus, they are the Eggman

3 06/26/2011 Walrus Comment

Hey Dad aka TermiteHunter,

Don't you want me back???? CryCry

No negotiating with terrorists.   But....I was going to place a new cache anyway...on GC....so if you want to take that as meeting some particular demand I can't really help that now can I?
This particular cache will be dead dropped placed along Albemarle Rd.  The 2011 edition of the Grid Series.


What's this talk of "dead dropping."  I don't think I like the sound of that.  I am so confused, I just don't know what to do.Undecided  I need some time to think about all of this.  I think I need to "sit on a cornflake" on ponder life for awhile....."off the grid."



Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
The Walrus pondering his predicament
The Walrus pondering his predicament

3 06/25/2011 Walrus Comment


Wazzup?  You guys are leaving me in Columbia a long time.  No problem, I found some "long necks" to hang out with for awhile.  

RVStauff would like it here...mmmm beer!!!

Later, gotta go find another cold one...its "Famously Hot" here.  

I am,

-The Walrus





Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
Brew at the Zoo and The Walrus
Brew at the Zoo and The Walrus

3 06/24/2011 overcached Comment

The Walrus has been abducted and taken to Columbia. Oh No! Cry

He is currently unharmed and visiting relatives near:


but is in a secure location.

Check out the post in the GCGC forums for more information about the Walrus.
Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
Help Me!
Help Me!
Proof of Life
Proof of Life
Visiting the SC State House
Visiting the SC State House
Where's George or where's the Walrus?
Where's George or where's the Walrus?

1 06/21/2011 overcached Found it

Picked up the Walrus before he ate too many cookies.  He said he was ready for a little vacation...so off we go!

4 06/20/2011 FailedApparatus Cache moved

The Walrus told us he had a hunger for girl scout cookies so we dropped him off so he could search for some last night.

N 35 8.995' W 80 40.811'

4 06/17/2011 SmithyP Cache moved

The Walrus was dangerously close to a slimy tunnel, a steep wall, and 3 foot tall weeds. Knowing he would prefer a nicer surrounding, I grabbed him again. I don;t know why everyone insists on placing him so far south. I'll update here as soon as I have new coodinates (and yes, I will check out the slimy/steep places another day).

The Walrus decided to hang out with the Osprey for a little bit. You'll pass the latter (a GC cache) as you are zeroing in on the former so be sure to grab that one as well. Of course, you're looking at a 5-mile hike out and back, that is unless you have a boat. There are other caches you'll pass as well if you are interested in making a day of it at Latta Park.

The new coordinates are:
N35 21.895 W80 55.768

4 06/14/2011 TermiteHunter Cache moved

This is the second time I have seen The Walrus since its release and the first time I have actually moved it.  A little wet inside but the contents were fine.  Dried him aout and took him on a trip to

N35 12.745

W 080 38.100

3 06/04/2011 bcAddy Comment

Grabbed him again to keep him moving.  My this guy is heavy.  He's hanging out right about here:  N 35 08.075  W 80 44.242

4 05/29/2011 FailedApparatus Cache moved

The Walrus and I have had a fun ride.  We landed just outside of Matthews in a soft bed of clouds.

This should have been an easy P&G for someone.   :D

THE WALRUS IS HERE: N 35 08.799 W 080 43.819

1 05/25/2011 FailedApparatus Found it

I have the Walrus... I will place in a new location soon.

3 05/23/2011 therapaint Comment

The Walrus has a new location which will allow you to grab another open cache while you're there:  N35 07.392 W080 42.305.  Make both of these your Target today!

3 05/20/2011 therapaint Comment

I have the Walrus again...will place in a new location soon.

1 05/09/2011 Auroral Mechanism Found it

I picked up this little guy while picking up another cache in the area.  We hung out for a couple days before I could get the time to find a new hiding spot for him.  I did add a piece of chalk to help him out since it's not something that I carry on a regular basis.  This way, when I grab him the next time, I won't have to look for something to use :)

Forgive me but this is the first time that I have averaged coordinates so I hope that it is correct!  N 35 10.658 - W 080 39.260. 

Happy Caching!!

1 05/06/2011 SmithyP Found it

I should have known TermiteHunter would eventually find a way to lure me over to the OC site to find a cache. Congrats TH, you are the owner of my very first found log on this site! I grabbed The Walrus from his current abode where we was seemingly being held for ransom by Donta Cash. I left the lead (PVC) pipe behind as I didn't want to chance getting framed for the misdeeds it has been involved with. Since I forgot the chalk, I created an 'X' out of dead limbs lying around nearby.

Since any intelligent person should realize that walruses (walri?) live in the northern hemisphere I decided to move him to a more northerly section of Mecklenburg. Why should the Matthews/Mint Hill area get all the attention?

Chumley is movin' on up to a deluxe apartment in the University area. He can be found at N35 18.587 W80 46.127. If you are planning a trip on a weekday around lunch, send me an email and I might try to meet you at GZ. I work in the nearby building.

3 05/04/2011 stargatekrewe Comment

We believe Donta Cash has The Walrus. Track him down at his hideout and The Walrus will surely be yours. Donta was last seen near GC2QVF3. Good luck and stay vigilant. Read previous log entry for clues. Now get out there and go rescue it!

1 05/01/2011 stargatekrewe Found it


Well, I did. Took a wee bit of searching as it was cleverly hidden. Thanks for that by the way. Marked the trees with white X's.

Got back to my Conservatory and was messing around with my hydroponics. From behind me all I heard was "Hey Man, gimme yo Wal" and I blacked out. When I came to, I thought for sure he stole my wal-let. But I still have that along with a Lead pipe he left laying next to me. He did give me a nasty bump on my head.

I can only assume it was Mr. Donta Cash Green.

Stay tuned for further details. We may need further assistance from the Mint Hill PD. Also, check the www.charlottegeocaching.com forums for the latest news.

4 01/21/2011 david2400nc Cache moved

Newest location for the Walrus:

N  35 04.625

W 080 49.070

JPF and I had fun scouting the location, we saw three deer as we made our way to the new hiding spot. Then we enjoyed some hot chocolate at Starbucks.

Thanks for the cache TH!

1 01/08/2011 david2400nc Found it

Joe Perry Freak and I grabbed this one late this afternoon. If the GPSr hadn't given us fits it would have been a much quicker find, but all's well that ends well.

Coords to follow once we find a new spot.

Great hide bcaddy, thanks.

4 12/11/2010 bcAddy Cache moved

New coordinates N35 04.526   W080 50.408

3 12/09/2010 foxult Comment

Doggone you, bcAddy!  I was a tad late.

1 12/08/2010 bcAddy Found it

Couldn't resist therapaint's extra little incentive in there.  So I guess this is my first OC cache.  And it being a TermitHunter cache I wasn't sure what I was going to encounter and if I would be successful.  Fortunately I was and I am moving this along.  Sorry if you were a tad late.



4 12/08/2010 therapaint Cache moved

The Walrus has a new location:

N35 03.673  W080 46.621

For the next cacher who MOVES the Walrus, there's a new, UNACTIVATED GCGC geocoin in the container - go get it!!


1 11/25/2010 Recommendation therapaint Found it

I found the Walrus on Thanksgiving Day with my son and jjflanders and daughter.  We needed to stretch our legs after consuming too much food, and we enjoyed diving into the woods in my favorite geo-park to find this cache.  I took the container with me, and I will relocate asap -thanks TH!!

4 10/07/2010 Vertigo Cache moved

New location!

35 09.9566
80 42.2267

1 10/05/2010 Vertigo Found it

Sorry for the blank log, I tried to log this on my iPhone but for some reason I couldn't click on the log area and enter a log.

Anyhow, I found and picked up the Walrus today, I will move to a new location. 

4 10/05/2010 NASCAR3nut Cache moved

Finally was able to find a new temporary home for The Walrus. Stopped this morning on the way to work, what a beautiful morning it was, perfect for a short walk in the woods.

New Coordinates are:

N 35 06.376  W 080 41.781


1 09/30/2010 apoolman Found it

My second Opencache this afternoon and another FTF. Actually Co FTF with nascar3nut. Hey, this is fun. Found during the Octopus Garden 10th Anniversary event. Thanks TH. Future seekers are lucky this will be moved as I guarantee you would have gotten wet retrieving this one. TH is funny that way.
I almost forgot. This cache was published a 4 PM and without nternet access at that time, I (we) had no way to know the coords. Therapaint, who was at the geoevent, graciously provided them before he had to leave. Without him we would have completely missed this find. Some how he should be a co FTF. Thanks therapaint!!!

1 09/30/2010 NASCAR3nut Found it

Woo Hoo!! FTF #1 on OC!

goo goo g'joob

This was my first OC find and a FTF! I was attending the GC.com event celebrating Octopus Garden's 10 Year Anniversary as the oldest active cache in NC. Therapaint arrived and mentioned the coordinates but said he would have to leave and not make the search. Apoolman put the coordinates in his GPS and we headed in to find Octopus Garden with a group. After everyone that had not found OG signed the log and started back, apoolman and I headed towards The Walrus. At first we thought we were going to have to cross the water, but that little strip of high ground just kept going and kept getting narrower. Just as apoolman was looking at his GPS and said "25 feet", I spotted it and said, "Hucklebuckle" just as apoolman was about to say the same thing. 

It may be Tuesday before I can give this one a new home. I had a great place in mind but then I read the description and it is supposed to stay in Mecklenburg County so I had to use Google Maps to find a new place. When I arrived there I was encounter by a fence. But I do have a couple other places in mind.

Thanks goes out to TermiteHunter for placing the cache & apoolman for the company and the pathtag!