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1 02/10/2018 outdoorsoccer Znaleziona

I was out shopping at the Wal-mart and decided to take advantage of the rainy day and try and find this cache.  I was hoping the rain would keep the traffic to a minimum as the cache was at one of the busy intersections off US1.  It poured on the way to the cache GZ, but stopped as I pulled off the road.  Got to the GZ and started looking around.  Good thing I wore pants as there were a lot of thorny brambles.  Poked around, but couldn't locate the cache.  Thought I saw what might be the cache on the other side of the fence.  Made my way back there to check it out.  Nope...just a discarded metal ash tray.  Went back to the GZ and expanded my search.  Poked around a bit more and found the cache.  Signed the FTF spot on the log.  Neat container.  Thank you for the cache and fun adventure on this warm, rainy day.