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1 02/08/2018 facklere Znaleziona

I've had an account on OpenCaching for a while now, but this is my first logged find here. It was pretty easy, but I was glad I could grab some caches at Animal Kingdom. TFTC

1 06/13/2016 liv3dn8as Znaleziona

Awesome find!

1 12/25/2014 rekomendacja QueensGrantMusic Znaleziona

I found Sue with my family in tow on Christmas Day 2014.  I have seen this dinosaur on other trips to Animal Kingdom but did not realize that it was from real fossils.  Thank you for educating me and make me stop, read, and enjoy this amazing dinosaur, Sue.
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My daughter, Explorer1996, and Sue!
My daughter, Explorer1996, and Sue!

1 06/07/2014 tripman1 Znaleziona

Nice virtual while visiting on vacation.  I think we have the copy of the same at the entrance to Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  Photo not the greatest, but had to snap it quick between the crowd.
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1 06/01/2013 USSTonyChris Znaleziona

We love Dinosaurs.

This was a really cool virtual.

Found with Maryooosch and SparrowsGold.


1 06/01/2013 Maryoooch Znaleziona

Found with SparrowsGold and USSTonyChris.

Great Virtual.

The park was not crowed so this was easy to get to.

Thanks for a cool virtual!

1 06/01/2013 SparrowsGold Znaleziona

FTF with Maryoooch and USSTonyChris!

We hadn't been to this park in awhile and checked for hidden caches here.

We were glad to find this one.

Thanks to the CO for the hide and info on Sue.

We also grabbed all the Munzees in the park.

Thanks for a fun Virtual.