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1 02/18/2018 themulcher Found it

Right after I commented that I had found a similar hide RIGHT THERE(pointing)

GPN made the find on the other side from there I pointed. Log was nice and dry. Thanks for the hide

1 02/18/2018 GoinPostNet Found it

Made the grab today since themulcher and I were in the area finding, or trying to find, other hidden things. Took a few minutes to spot it but there it was! Hardly could make out the signatures on the log except for rv's. Added ours in hopes that someone, someday will walk in our footsteps to make this same discovery.

1 06/11/2014 QueensGrantMusic Found it

Before meeting with another cacher to do Munzee's, I decided to try this again.  I have now found several of these so I finally know what to look for.  It took me a few minutes to find the correct angle.  I am relieved that I have avenged a DNF.

Thank you for putting out these well made opencaches.

1 06/11/2014 Mrs. HB31 Found it

Another easy find this morning.  TFTC!

1 06/11/2014 HB31 Found it

Easy grab now that we've done a bunch of these.  TFTC!

1 05/17/2014 rvstauff Found it

Well, that was easy after finding the similar SNOW cache last night!

Thanks, TH!

3 05/10/2014 TermiteHunter Comment

This one was checked and found to be present less than 2 weeks ago.  If it survived to that point since its last find I'm confident that it is still there now.

2 05/09/2014 QueensGrantMusic Didn't find it

I might need some help or this is not there after all this time.

1 05/19/2012 stargatekrewe Found it

I don't know if this is one with the "twist" but I just about gave up on it myself. I had to take a double-take on the way back to the cache-mobile to spot it. Surprised to get an FTF on this one, but not surprised the first person was a DNF. Thanks for the series TH. Been really fun so far. Beautiful day. I was alone for this find as I tackled several OC caches after breakfast with FA. I meant to grab a Laundry List cache, but I FORGOT! ahhh, had to come all the way back out later with geohound to make a LL grab.

2 05/06/2012 hamfolk Didn't find it

We thought this cache was going to be a simple find but it wasn't. Another day perhaps.