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1 07/06/2018 Recommendation sfcchaz Found it

I had some free time this morning and noticed that there were a few GPSgames.org GeoVexilla Flags I could find that would score me a lot of points. 2 Martinique Flags that were attainable an hour up the road from where I live.

This is my 350th OCNA find. But I've been pretty abscent for the last year. I need to get back into OCNA.

I also noticed this cache and another OCNA Letterbox (seems to be missing) was in the park which I could find on the way home. This was a very nicely done cache and was very clean and dry. What was surprising is that there were 10 signatures on the logbook. Several of them I know, but they're not really OCNA cachers. I suppose that geocachers just take a look at things when they're nearby just in case. I was up here a couple months ago ( as were several hundred other cachers) for the MGS CAM 2018 Picninc, but didn't realize that this cache was here.

I took one of the Wye Oak chips and left a personal pathtag of mine. I'm giving this one a recommnedation vote. TFTC

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Cool Iguanodon FB group Rock in cache.
Cool Iguanodon FB group Rock in cache.

1 08/09/2017 Rotten Bunnies Found it

 Our First "first to find"!  Awesome!

3 08/07/2017 TermiteHunter Comment