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7 Wonders of Mt. St. Helens - OU079C
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Owner: pftaylor61
N 46° 19.000' W 122° 45.000' N 46° 19' 0.00'' W 122° 45' 0.00'' N 46.31667°  W 122.75000° 
Altitude: m. ASL.
 Region: United States > Washington
Cache type: Traditional
Size: Small
Status: Ready for Search
Date hidden: 2014-12-26
Date created: 2014-12-26
Date published: 2014-12-26
Last modification: 2014-12-27
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Description EN

This cache was placed on by a different user - channing2nd - but he is no longer able to maintain it, and has asked me to look after it.


The 7 Wonders are seven geological features resulting from the eruptive activity of the '80's. The information required to solve the puzzle is to be found in the wall displays of these 7 Wonders inside the museum. There is no charge to visit this museum, but donations are very welcome.

You need to solve the puzzle below, in order to find the correct coordinates. You can then check your answer at the link below, and, if you are correct, this link can take you straight to Google Maps to find the cache.

The Cache Coordinates are: N46 19.ABC, W122 4D.EFG, where ABCDEF&G are single numerals, but which may not all be different.

Find h-n by answering the puzzle questions below. Use these values to calculate A-G from h-n, by using the 6 formulae below. You can fill in the values in the grid overleaf.


A = 6 - h | B = i + 3 | C = j + 3 | D = k + 2 | E = l - 7 | F = m - 3 | G = n

1. Mountain rearranged beyond recognition in (h) minutes. (How long was the initial blast that destroyed 230 square miles of forest?)
2. Canyons formed within (i) months.
3. Badlands formed in (j) days.
4. Most layered strata formed in (k) hours.
5. River system formed in (l) hours.
6. Sinking logs look like many aged forests in just (m) years.
7. A new model for quicker coal formation. There are (n) letters are in the last name of the man who thought up a new model for coal formation?

Check your solution at

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