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New Mexico

  Ranking  Number  Geocache (User)  
  1    5  Loretto Chapel (Matt.T)
  2    3  Salmon Ruins, NM (kingbee), Twin Angel (kingbee)
  3    2  ABQ (k3iv), Aztec Monument letterbox (kingbee), Aztec Ruins, NM (kingbee), Bloomfield Murals (kingbee), Bloomfield Visitor Center (kingbee), Cache of Caches (DonTheGeek), Farmington Childrens Museum (flamedogss1), Farmington Museum (flamedogss1), NEW MEXICO VIRTUAL #3 (Team Tuxawuxa), Park Letterbox (flamedogss1), Riverside Nature Center (flamedogss1), Run for the Border (Aardvark), Virtual New Mexico #2 (Team Tuxawuxa), Welcome to Bloomfield (flamedogss1)
  4    1  Aztec Mural (kingbee), Aztec Museum (flamedogss1), Benchmark GO0362 (flamedogss1), Cartoon Arch (kingbee), Jal, New Mexico (Point-X), Not Petrified (flamedogss1), OPEN Ambassador #2 (TB6AJJA) (Bon Echo), Peephole Arch (kingbee), Rooftop Arch (kingbee), San Juan County White truck (kingbee), TOTT5 (flamedogss1), trail 2 (kingbee), trail 1 (kingbee), Up the hill (flamedogss1), Virtual New Mexico #1 (Team Tuxawuxa), Virtual New Mexico #4 (Team Tuxawuxa), Williams letterbox (kingbee), Ye (kingbee)