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Geocaching is an outdoor sport or activity in which cachers use a GPS receiver to find a "treasure" hidden by other participants. Many caches are secured in watertight containers, containing trinkets and/or a logbook in which cachers record their discovery of the cache. The coordinates to the location of the caches are stored in online databases, such as Opencaching NA, along with descriptions and instructions necessary to find them. This site is free to use with no fees whatsoever. You can organize your favorite caches, build custom searches, be instantly notified of new caches, seek and create caches of all types, export GPX queries and much more!

This is the official OpenCaching site for North America (including Central America and the Caribbean) and all US Territories. This site went live on August 18, 2010. Our goal is to have a database of quality, unique caches that, once approved by the OC Team, are enjoyed and rated by YOU, the geocaching community. Many of our listings are unique to our database and are not found on any other site. If you are the owner of a new cache, we invite you to add it to our database. If you have a cache listed on another site and would like to list it exclusively on our site, you are invited to do so. And yes, we allow Virtual Caches, but please read the section on them in our Terms of Use for more information. We also allow Moving Caches. Additionally, we allow several unique cache types not found on any other listing site, including MP3 (Podcast) Caches, Guest Book Caches, Dead Drop Caches, and BIT Caches. Please see the OC Wiki for more information on all cache types. Don't forget that we have 42 site-owned Challenge Caches, that are locationless in nature; if you qualify, you can log them! See them in list form on the Main Menu on the left hand side bar, or see them on our map of caches spelling out "OCNA" in the Gulf of Mexico. And don't forget to visit the Forums!


20 November 2016

We have issues! This site runs on the 2nd oldest code base in the entire OpenCaching Network, and we're afraid it's finally caught up to us in late 2016. If you see php errors on the top of any page on this site, just scroll down, and most everything on the site still works. Our API is down, and smartphone apps, most notably c:geo, are not working. As far as the website itself, our "statistics" pages are most adversely affected. Please bear with us as we try to work out these issues, and hopefully update to the latest and greatest OpenCaching code. Watch this space for updates. Update 21 November: What a difference a day makes! Most everything is working properly, including our API and c:geo. Many thanks to Andrei from OpenCaching.ro for his assistance!
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