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Ranking in the State


  Ranking  Number  Geocache (User)  
  1    11  The Amazing 4 in one Cache (PZ Dude)
  2    8  Florence's 80th Birthday Bash Cache (DJCreekCachers)
  3    6  Colossal Cloisonne' Cackleberry (5BizzyBs)
  4    5  William Henry Patterson (5BizzyBs)
  5    4  844 coin bank too close (PZ Dude), Harpersfield Covered Bridge BIT Cache (Mr.Yuck), Ohio's High Point (Mr.Yuck), The Temple of Tolerance (Mr.Yuck)
  6    3   Longest Covered Bridge BIT Cache (Mr.Yuck), 5041 BIT Cache (web-ling), Cold Springs Woodland Romp (bigdog421), Greene County Courthouse (Bernoulli), Ohio's First Dead Drop!!! (Bernoulli), Over The River (littlepod), Why Do Cats Climb Trees? (Bernoulli), WTF BIT Xenia (west) (Bernoulli)
  7    2  A Pine Romance (DJCreekCachers), Don't ask, act! (Xero419), Fountain of Knowledge (DudleyGrunt), Four Mile Creek Cache (web-ling), Mostly Mozart, Basically Bach (Likesheet), Poppies (web-ling), The Family (web-ling), Tony Stien Memorial (mutt-), Xenia Ice Cream BIT (Bernoulli), Xenia Station (Bernoulli)
  8    1  A Walk In The Park (Xero419), Cedar Falls in the Hocking Hills (Bernoulli), Grandma Gatewood's Rock Shelter (Bernoulli), Grandma Gatewood's Tiny Tunnel (Bernoulli), The Devil's Bathtub in the Hocking Hills (Bernoulli), The oldest Bricks (Those_guys), The Sphinx Head in the Hocking Hills (Bernoulli), Thirsty (Bernoulli), VST #1 Virtual Segway Tour (Those_guys), VST #10 So Shiny! (Those_guys), VST #11 Woodhenge (Those_guys), VST #12 Air, Water, Wind (Those_guys), VST #13 What is That? (Those_guys), VST #14 How high can it go? (Those_guys), VST #15 Time to Cool Off (Those_guys), VST #2 Smale Park (Those_guys), VST #3 The Brigade (Those_guys), VST #4 Our Queen (Those_guys), VST #5 Yeatmans Cove (Those_guys), VST #6 L & N Pedestrian Bridge (Those_guys), VST #7 Losantaville (Those_guys), VST #8 The Golden Arches (Those_guys), VST #9 International Gardens (Those_guys), WHTaft Traffic Cam (TwistyNye), William Henry Harrison Tomb Guest Book (web-ling)