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Ranking in the State


  Ranking  Number  Geocache (User)  
  1    8  Maryland's Final Tribute (DudleyGrunt)
  2    6  Culp's Hill Tower (DudleyGrunt)
  3    5  Think Tank #1 (datritle)
  4    2  A Stroll in 100 (Johmer and Tinks), Not Just Another Benjamin (tripman1), The Franklin Mint Museum - A Piece of the Past (DJCreekCachers), We well rock you! (emilyasdf), Windsor Wonderland Hill Climb (Footpower)
  5    1  AirVirt: PHL-F37 (NYPaddleCacher), dan snyder cemetery (antaries), Fallsington Doughboy (DudleyGrunt), In a Pickle (Apex), Kinzua Skywalk (Bon Echo), Pennsylvania's Highest Point (Mr.Yuck), Within the Eagle's Grasp (skys_thelimit)