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  Ranking  Number  Geocache (User)  
  1    10  NativTxn's Event Cache (NativTxn)
  2    9  Downtown Snook (NativTxn), NativTxn's GeoMobile (NativTxn)
  3    8  All Around the Brazos Valley (NativTxn), Bonfire Memorial (NativTxn), Hope Chest (NativTxn), Self-Served (projectyogurt)
  4    7  A Mares Rest (NativTxn), Aggie Pit Stop (NativTxn), Brazos River Levee (NativTxn), Bring Your Lunch (EASTXCOP), God Bless the Farmer! (NativTxn), Park Lane (NativTxn)
  5    6  Brother, Can You Spare a Lime? (NativTxn), Called to Serve at St. Joe's (DotsonFamily), Gig 'em Geocachers! (NativTxn), Gnomes: Keepers of the Cache (NativTxn), OCUS 1 Year Anniversary BIT (NativTxn), Passion For Purple (NativTxn), Steele's Store Community (NativTxn), The Clay Place (NativTxn)
  6    5  Animal Tracks - Bear (NativTxn), aTm From Above (NativTxn), BM0955 COLLEGE STA TEX A AND M DOME (NativTxn), Bombers Away (NativTxn), Boonville BIT (NativTxn), Country Corner (flower71), Discount Shade (NativTxn), End of Traditions (NativTxn), Hard Map to Read (tamuron), Millican Scouts - Where Eagles Soar (DotsonFamily), Mound Hill School (NativTxn), Munzee Mall Mania (NativTxn), Snook Park (NativTxn)
  7    4  Across the County Line (NativTxn), Antioch Colony (flower71), BM1057 CALDWELL MUNICIPAL TANK (NativTxn), Brazos Bottom Baptist Church Cemetery (NativTxn), BVG Event Cache (BV Geocachers), Drive-By Caching: Restaurant Row (NativTxn), Edith L. Moore (Team Four Paw), Fly-By Caching (flower71), Heritage Square (NativTxn), I Just Climbed Out of a Cottonwood Tree (NativTxn), Looking out my window... (DotsonFamily), Millican Scouts - What Boys Are Made Of (DotsonFamily), Old Gay Hill School (NativTxn), Road to Nowhere (tamuron), Texauisiana Cache (ijeep)
  8    3  Animal Tracks - Horse (NativTxn), Animal Tracks - Pig (NativTxn), Animal Tracks - Raccoon (NativTxn), Animal Tracks - Tiger (NativTxn), Armistead (NativTxn), Austin Musicians' Cache (Suchmann), Bike N Seek (NativTxn), Brazos Valley Geocachers AAH End Point BIT (BV Geocachers), Brick Dome (NativTxn), Burleson County Fairgrounds (DotsonFamily), Don't Take Any... (DudleyGrunt), Elgin Depot (Bicycle_Junkie), flower71's Event Cache (flower71), Go Big Red (geohiker), Gun of Independence (NativTxn), Heritage Park (NativTxn), jean paul gaultier (roguelider), Longview (NativTxn), Making a difference (DotsonFamily), Monument Hill State Historical Site Guest Book (NativTxn), Seawall Cam (NativTxn), Snook Cemetery (NativTxn), This Bud's For You (NativTxn), Watch out for Beavers (flower71), Welcome to Snook (NativTxn), Where The Buffalo Roam (NativTxn), Where The Deer & The Antelope Play (NativTxn)
  9    2  4.7 Keep (Contra1971), Animal Tracks - Bird (NativTxn), Animal Tracks - Cats and Dogs (NativTxn), Animal Tracks - Deer (NativTxn), Animal Tracks - Rabbit (NativTxn), Animal Tracks - Squirrel (NativTxn), Armand Bayou Nature Center (Betty), Brazos Co. Line #2 (tamuron), Burleson County Bridges - Yegua Creek (NativTxn), Galveston Beach Cam (NativTxn), Good Luck to our Chinese Folks (flower71), Gregg County North in Spring Hill (EASTXCOP), Hanging around by the lake... (sonicsix), Hot Spot Webcam (NativTxn), I'd Rather Be Camping (NativTxn), King's Highway BIT (NativTxn), Mid-Cities Rapid Transit #1 (kedge), Natural Bayou Systems (geohiker), Old Bethlehem Cemetery (flower71), Old Independence Cemetery (NativTxn), Penthouse View (NativTxn), Quebe Farm (NativTxn), Restaged (k3iv), Rio Grande Virtual Salt Cache (The Searchers), Sleeping Giant (Thot), Spillway Hike (NativTxn), Texas Treasures: Whooping Crane (NativTxn), These Boots Were Made For Walking (NativTxn)
  10    1  10+00 - AW0603 - Galveston Seawall (Bon Echo), Animal Tracks - Fox (NativTxn), BIT: End of the Trail (NativTxn), Burleson County Bridges - Brazos River (NativTxn), Christmas Crueltree (kbulgrien), DustySandStorm's CCPLLC (DustySandStorm), Hummer Bird (NativTxn), Just a Micro in a Cemetery? (K13), Little Lake Creek Wilderness (NativTxn), Specialized Parking (sknight579), Stephen Jackson (NativTxn), Texas Treasures: Monarch Butterfly (NativTxn), Texas Treasures: Texas Blind Salamander (NativTxn), The Lost Pharmacist (Contra1971), Village Creek State Park Guest Book (NativTxn), Welcome to Texas! (NativTxn)