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  Ranking  Number  Geocache (User)  
  1    8  Old Town Tour #5 - You Make The Call (networkcacher), To Hell and Back (flyingmoose)
  2    7  Odd Spots - Just for the spite of it (donbadabon), RR Knutz: Guinea Station (Cachew Knutz), Thermo-Con House (DudleyGrunt)
  3    6  Cliché Cache (rob3k), RR Knutz: Dahlgren (Cachew Knutz), To S.E.R.V.E. Man (Robbitandpaul)
  4    5  ??????????? ???????? ???????? /Traveling nesting Matryoshkas (ithink314), ??????????? ???????? ????????/Traveling nesting Matryoshkas2 (ithink314), ??????????? ???????? ????????/Traveling nesting Matryoshkas3 (ithink314), ??????????? ???????? ????????/Traveling nesting Matryoshkas5 (ithink314), Belvoir Plantation (DudleyGrunt), Food Knutz: Joe's Crab Shack (Cachew Knutz), History Knutz: Ships Passing In The Night (Cachew Knutz), History Knutz: Stroke of Misfortune (Cachew Knutz), Integrity, Service, Excellence (rob3k), O.C.D. (SoccerFanatics), Odd Spots - What’s the Skinny? (donbadabon)
  5    4  ??????????? ???????? ????????/Traveling nesting Matryoshkas4 (ithink314), A View to a Fall (rob3k), Food Knutz: Primavera Pizzeria & Grill (Cachew Knutz), Glebe Cam (rob3k), Happy Trails Bit Cache (DudleyGrunt), Honoring the Fourth Estate (rob3k), Off The Grid in Suburbia (networkcacher), Our Family Tree (Robbitandpaul), The National Rifle Association Firearms Museum (donbadabon)
  6    3  ??????????? ???????? ????????/Traveling nesting Matryoshkas6 (ithink314), A Tour Through Air & Space (DudleyGrunt), ACES: Cougar & Dash (TheLostDogs), ACES: Eratosthenes (TheLostDogs), ACES: NOVAGO (TheLostDogs), ACES: Puzzling Cougars (TheLostDogs), ACES: Tupperware in the Woods! (TheLostDogs), ACES: Virtual Railroads (TheLostDogs), Castleman's Ferry (obxgeek), In the Corner - Franklin Park (obxgeek), Pohick Loop Trail (DudleyGrunt), Sacred Ground (rob3k), The Remains of the Town (rob3k)
  7    2   Norwegian Lady Webcam (Mr.Yuck), ACES: William Boyce (TheLostDogs), Along the path - Franklin Park (obxgeek), The back gate (obxgeek)
  8    1  Going to the Dogs (tanjent), Meoooooow (rdeason), Sandusky Multi Reincarnated (ithink314), Tightsqueeze (ithink314)