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  Ranking  Number  Geocache (User)  
  1    8  Old Town Tour #5 - You Make The Call (networkcacher), To Hell and Back (flyingmoose)
  2    7  Odd Spots - Just for the spite of it (donbadabon), RR Knutz: Guinea Station (Cachew Knutz), Thermo-Con House (DudleyGrunt)
  3    6  Cliché Cache (rob3k), History Knutz: Stroke of Misfortune (Cachew Knutz), RR Knutz: Dahlgren (Cachew Knutz), To S.E.R.V.E. Man (Robbitandpaul)
  4    5  ??????????? ???????? ???????? /Traveling nesting Matryoshkas (ithink314), ??????????? ???????? ????????/Traveling nesting Matryoshkas2 (ithink314), ??????????? ???????? ????????/Traveling nesting Matryoshkas3 (ithink314), ??????????? ???????? ????????/Traveling nesting Matryoshkas5 (ithink314), Belvoir Plantation (DudleyGrunt), Food Knutz: Joe's Crab Shack (Cachew Knutz), History Knutz: Ships Passing In The Night (Cachew Knutz), Integrity, Service, Excellence (rob3k), O.C.D. (SoccerFanatics), Odd Spots - What’s the Skinny? (donbadabon)
  5    4  ??????????? ???????? ????????/Traveling nesting Matryoshkas4 (ithink314), A View to a Fall (rob3k), Food Knutz: Primavera Pizzeria & Grill (Cachew Knutz), Glebe Cam (rob3k), Honoring the Fourth Estate (rob3k), Off The Grid in Suburbia (networkcacher), Our Family Tree (Robbitandpaul), The National Rifle Association Firearms Museum (donbadabon)
  6    3  ??????????? ???????? ????????/Traveling nesting Matryoshkas6 (ithink314), A Tour Through Air & Space (DudleyGrunt), ACES: Cougar & Dash (TheLostDogs), ACES: Eratosthenes (TheLostDogs), ACES: NOVAGO (TheLostDogs), ACES: Puzzling Cougars (TheLostDogs), ACES: Tupperware in the Woods! (TheLostDogs), ACES: Virtual Railroads (TheLostDogs), Castleman's Ferry (obxgeek), In the Corner - Franklin Park (obxgeek), Pohick Loop Trail (DudleyGrunt), Sacred Ground (rob3k), The Remains of the Town (rob3k)
  7    2   Norwegian Lady Webcam (Mr.Yuck), ACES: William Boyce (TheLostDogs), Along the path - Franklin Park (obxgeek), The back gate (obxgeek)
  8    1  Going to the Dogs (tanjent), Meoooooow (rdeason), Tightsqueeze (ithink314)