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Route 40 - Town Hill Overlook - OU040E

 Scenic Overlook

Hidden by  cycleangela

N 39° 41.865' W 78° 24.058' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Maryland
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 Date Hidden: 18 March 2012
 Date Created: 18 March 2012
 Last Modified: 19 March 2012
 Waypoint: OU040E


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This overlook is along scenic Route 40 in Western Maryland. The Maryland portion runs along the northern part of the state, from western Maryland to Cecil county in the state's northeastern corner. 

With a total length of over 200 miles (320 km), it is the longest numbered highway in Maryland. Almost half of the road overlaps with Interstate 68 or Interstate 70, while the old alignment is generally known as U.S.Route 40 Alternative, U.S. Route 40 Scenic, or Maryland Route 144. West of Baltimore, the portions where it does not overlap an Interstate highway are mostly two-lane roads. The portion east of Baltimore is a four-lane divided highway, known as the Pulaski Highway, except for the two-lane Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge, a toll bridge over the Susquehanna River.

From Cumberland west to Pennsylvania, US 40 is the successor to the historic National Road. East of Cumberland, towards Baltimore, US 40 follows several former turnpikes, most notably the Cumberland Turnpike and Baltimore and Frederick-town Turnpike. The route from Baltimore northeast to the Delaware state line follows another historic corridor towards Philadelphia, including the old Baltimore and Havre-de-Grace Turnpike (now mostly bypassed as Maryland Route 7).

To claim this cache, you will need a logging password. You will need to find the sign that says "Town Hill Overlook, The Beauty Spot of Maryland." Find the last section that starts off "The Town Hill Hotel was one of the first to cater to the 20th century..." What did that cater to? It is in quotations. The password is the first word in quotations in small letters.


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1 19 April 2014 Recommendation Mr.Yuck Found it

Outstanding little known, and little advertised (no signs noted directing people to it) overlook. I originally thought my pic wasn't too good, as I was there about 8:30 AM on the way home to New York after spending the night in Hagerstown, and I had to coax my 14 yr. old out of the car in 36 degree temps to take the pic, while his 15 yr. old cousin was sound asleep in the car. But actually, it's not that bad! Even though a pic isn't technically required, I had to have one. Thanks for the cache.
Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
A cold, sleepy Yuck at 8:30 AM
A cold, sleepy Yuck at 8:30 AM

1 10 January 2013 Journey374 Found it

This is a nice area for a great view. I Didn't even have to come to this area because I was here back in may looking for another cache and had taken pictures with my phone. tfth :P
Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
me and my youngest son
me and my youngest son

1 07 April 2012 sfcchaz Found it

Smile Co-FTF Smile Sharing the FTF with DudleyGrunt as we were both out here within minutes of each other. Considering that the cache is 3 weeks old and over a 100 miles from either of our places, that's quite amazing! Wink

This happened to us once before at: Baltimore County's Statue of Liberty on March 10, 2012. Again the cache being about 3 weeks old and 20~30 miles from our homes.

Thanks for the wonderful view. TFTVC

Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
sfcchaz at Town Hill Overlook
sfcchaz at Town Hill Overlook

1 07 April 2012 DudleyGrunt Found it

3200 / 82.  I'm now including letterboxes in my combined total, so this was a milestone for me.

I was out to grab the 2 western Cache Across Maryland hides and figured I would attemp the CO's 2 new OCNA and her 1 new TerraCache, along with a GPSgames cache that had not been found since 2007 and one Navicache (x-listed on GC).  That would give me 5 sites in one day, tie my record.

This was my first stop on my west.  Turns out that both sfcchaz and I were both out between 0830 and 0900.  We probably only missed each other by a couple minutes.  For this reason, we've decided to share the FTF props.

I've stopped by this a number of times and always enjoy the view.  Noticed the hotel is for sale.  Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to purchase it.

Thanks and Happy Trails!

Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
Dudley @ The Overlook
Dudley @ The Overlook