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The Ellicott Square Building - OU043F

 architect Daniel Burnham

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 Waypoint: OU043F


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Designed by Charles Atwood and named for Joseph Ellicott it was completed in 1896 the Ellicott Square Building was the largest office building in the world. The structure is 10 stories high and houses 447,000 square feet of office space. It was built to be strong enough to to support another 10 floors. Completed at a cost of three and a hlf million dollars and in one years time this building was truely a masterpice of enginering, construction, and art.

In 1896-97 the building was home to Edisonia Hall and the Vitascope Theater, the first motion picture theater in the world. In 1984, 87 years later, the loby was featured in hotel sceenes in the movie "The Natural".


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1 29 August 2014 sundrops260 Found it

Yeah second bit and a few more points for the August challenge

1 06 October 2013 Mr.Yuck Found it

This friggin'  took me forever to find with the tall buildings downtown messing with my Maggie. I'll guess I spent about 20 minutes walking around. Not a big deal, I was waiting for Sears at the McKinley Mall to open to pick up a lawnmower. Yeah, I know that's nowhere near downtown, but this BIT was on the way from Tonawanda, if I took the waterfront route, which I did. Impressive building, and belieive me, I saw it from many angles wandering around like a kook. TFT Bit. Laughing

1 13 August 2012 Rayman Found it

Ah, the building in which I work. Way back in college, my class took a tour of several downtown buildings, the Ellicott Square being one of them. I thought how cool it would to work in such a beautiful amazing building. A year later, I got a job not only working in the building, but working for the owner!

And since I work for the owner, I've gotten to explore the bowels of the building. Each time I go in the basement, I try to find any remnants of the old Vitascope Theater, but I'm pretty sure everything is gone. There is one spot that is amazingly done, especially considering it's a basement.

As for the BITcache, I can't believe I've walked past it probably a couple dozen times and never noticed it. That's a good placement on this one.

1 14 July 2012 DudleyGrunt Found it

3436.  Really felt like a late Sunday afternoon, driving around the city, today.  I was wondering where everyone was.

Thanks and Happy Trails!

1 28 April 2012 Sabrefan7 Found it

I thought this one was to be the last BIT cache for the day but Mr. Yuck had to go and publish one more as I was getting ready to go to the event. I really enjoyed my day and tour of the city. I have a few more to grab in the area so I am looking forward to another vist. Thanks for all the new caches and a fun day! SF7