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Sea Isle Veterans Memorial - OU048B

 Because Freedom Isn't Free

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Found this while caching in the area, on a caching break from Beach Jam in Wildwood.  Thought it was a shame there was no cache, so figured I'd fix that.

Veterans Memorial

Courtesy of VFW 1963's website:

On Memorial Day 2010, Sea Isle's mayor, Leonard C. Desiderio and Post Commander, Charles (Chick) Haines, presided over a dedication ceremony honoring the newly constructed Veteran's Memorial. The Memorial can be visited day or night and is located at the intersection of JFK Boulevard and Landis Avenue. All are encouraged to visit the Memorial and surrounding Veteran's Park.

Logging Requirements:

1) You will need to locate the World War (I) memorial - distict from the "main" memorial.  Identify the veteran listed at the bottom of the left column of names.  His last name is the Log Password

2) Please post a photo of your visit.  I'd love for you (or even your GPS) to be in the picture, but just take a nice photo to show the memorial on your visit.  Be sure not to include the information needed for the Log Password.

3) Visit the site in person.

Military Association of GeoCachers

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1 05 August 2018 Jersian Found it

A nice memorial to those who have served.