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The Wharf in Louisville - OU049E

 Belle of Louisville and More

Hidden by  DudleyGrunt

N 38° 15.550' W 85° 45.325' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Kentucky
 Cache Type: Virtual
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 Date Hidden: 26 May 2012
 Date Created: 26 May 2012
 Last Modified: 26 May 2012
 Waypoint: OU049E


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I had the pleasure of riding on the Belle of Louisville with about 650 of my fellow geocachers the day before GeoWoodstock X.  You will not need to ride Belle or pay any fee to complete this cache.

It's becoming a tradition for me to list one new virtual for the area, whenever to attand one of these "mega" events, especially, around boats I find myself on. 

When you arrive at the posted coordinates, you'll need to locate some information on the various signs in the general vicinity.

Louisville's Steamboat Era - There is a 4 digit number in the far bottom right of this sign (xxAx).  A = the third digit.

Visitors at Louisville Wharf - Find the sixth name listed.  B is the numeric value of the month this person visited.

US Coast Guard, WWII Operations in Louisville - "From Nov. 1942 - Nov. 1944, XYZ Coast Guard temporary reservists conducted..." C = X + Y + Z.

Life Saving Station 10 - Count eleven lines from the bottom.  Two numbers (U, V) are mentioned on this line (spelled out).  D = U + V.

Captain John F. Gilooly - "...assisted in or effected the saving of (xExx) persons..." E = the second digit.

Belle of Louisville (with braille) - Three numbers are given.  The smallest number is N.  N-3=F.

Belle of Louisville (no braille) - Belle was onece known as Avalon.  G = The number of years she was Avalon.


1. Visit the site in person.

2. Enter the Log Password (ABCDEFG)

3. Post a picture of your visit.


I hope you enjoy your visit to the wharf and downtown Louisville!




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1 04 June 2013 TommyGator Found it

Talk about irony!  We were here a few weeks ago doing the "tourist" routine, visited this cool location, but hadn't realized it was an OpenCache!  As I  didn't record the required info to document my visit, I couldn't log it until today when we just *happened* to be in the area again.  This time I completed all required tasks and claim the Virtual FTF.  This place is definitely on the list for another visit.....I mean, CRUISE!  Thanks for bringing me here!
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The Belle
The Belle