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The Dells - OU0077

 Stanton Peter Helland Historic Marker at Wisconsin Dells Overlook

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Pete Helland graduated cum laude from the University of Notre Dame in 1950 and returned to Wisconsin Dells to manage Stanton and Helland properties and Riverview Boat Line.
As former president of Riverview Boat Line, he oversaw and managed the business operations for 33 years, which included holdings in the Upper and Lower Dells Boat Tours, the Original Wisconsin Ducks, Fort Dells, Riverview Park, Pirate's Cove Mini-Golf and various other area properties. To the hundreds of employees who have worked in these various attractions over the years, Pete was known as a very enthusiastic motivator and passionate operator who carried with him a wonderful sense of humor and appreciation for people. He had an unwavering dedication to the Wisconsin Dells community and its people as well as to the promotion and expansion of the Wisconsin Dells area tourism at large.
He was an alderman in Wisconsin Dells from 1966-68 and served as a Columbia County Supervisor from 1965-1970 and again from 1979-1986, where, like his father before him, he was elected Columbia County Board Chairman. He was also a former director of the Wisconsin Dells Visitor and Convention Bureau for 35 years and a former director of the Bank of Wisconsin Dells.
Pete was first appointed to the Natural Resources Board in May 1969 by Gov. Warren P. Knowles and served until 1975 where in 1971 was honored as Game Commissioner
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By Keith L, May 26, 2008

of the Year by the Association of Midwest Fish and Game Commissioners representing 15 states and three Canadian provinces.
He was again chosen to serve on the Natural Resources Board by Gov. Tommy G. Thompson in 1987 and served as chairman from January 1991 - May 1993, when he retired. During this term, he was involved in many landmark initiatives, which included establishing water quality standards for phosphorus and wetlands, the Clean Water Fund, the Lower Wisconsin Riverway, and the Chippewa and Turtle Flambeau Flowages as state property.
In September 1993, in recognition of his 12 years of service as a Natural Resources Board member, the over 2000 acre Springvale Wildlife Area in Columbia County was renamed the Pete Helland Wildlife Area.


Coordinates will take you to a large rock commemorating Stanton Peter Helland. Password is the month listed on the plaque that the flag was dedicated.

Nearby is a very scenic overlook area above the Wisconsin River. You must post a photo of you and or your GPS unit at this scenic overlook.


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