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Power in the hills - OU04BB

 Power comes to Boone, NC

Hidden by  TighernMcDonnell

N 36° 12.520' W 81° 38.781' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > North Carolina
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 Date Hidden: 21 June 2012
 Date Created: 21 June 2012
 Last Modified: 21 June 2012
 Waypoint: OU04BB


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This is the site of the first Dam and Power House for the New River Light and Power Company. Established in 1915 and out of commission in 1924 it was rather short lived but still a substantial part of the history of Boone, NC. The building is now fenced in due to the unstability of the foundation and occational falling rocks in the building. It is located on the Greenway Trail in Boone which is a nice little paved walking, running, biking and other modes of manual transportation path. The trail cuts through following a branch of the New River. It is easiest to reach from the east end of the trail but is fun from either. The trial is only 2 miles long so not a substantial hike in either direction.


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Vs lbh pna'g frr vg ybbx ba gur bgure fvqr bs gur genvy.



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1 13 August 2012 debaere Found it

This is my first OCUS cache, and it was a good one.


I went up to Boone today to find all of the caches along this trail, and I was successful.  This one is the only virtual, and a really cool one at that.  I would never have guessed such a structure existed here.  I learned something new today, and that is the essense of what makes a good virtual.

I parked in the sports complex to the west and hiked in.  Excellent, easy trails.  


All around good times.  Thanks!

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