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A Guest Book at the American Visionary Art Museum - OU04CC

 The Guest Book is located at the bench in a little cubby hole below the seat.

Hidden by  sfcchaz

N 39° 16.793' W 76° 36.418' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Maryland
 Cache Type: Guest Book
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 Date Hidden: 04 July 2012
 Date Created: 04 July 2012
 Last Modified: 14 July 2012
 Waypoint: OU04CC


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Data: 07/12/2012 00:42:16, add by DudleyGrunt
Recommend updating Log Password info to "...the INSIDE back cover."

Description   EN   

Although there is a cost to go inside the museum, you do not need to go inside to locate the log book. It is outside in the back courtyard. Please visit the website for more information.


The cost you may incur is related to parking which is adjacent to the back of the museum on Covington Street. If you are not visiting the museum proper, it will cost you a quarter for parking. That will be enough time to sign the logbook and maybe snap a couple of pictures of the art that is located outside.


There is a log password required for logging the cache. It is the third word on the inside back cover of the guest book. It is case sensitive.


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2 06 December 2015 zepp914 Didn't find it

If the book was in the slot under thd bench, it isn't there any more.

Still there were some cool things to see.

1 11 July 2012 DudleyGrunt Found it

3385.  C0-FTF with NativTxn, while caching with her, while she was in town and had some time to cache.

Lots of very cool stuff, here, including my next caching vehicle - I wish.

Parked for free, since the meter I pulled up to (right across the street) had 1.5 hours on it.

After, leaving this one, we took the highest terrain approach to The Patriot, so she could log it.

Thanks and Happy Trails!

1 11 July 2012 NativTxn Found it

I love this series of benches and guest books.  This museum was very cool (at least the outside that I could see).  Some people are so creative!  Enjoyed sitting for a moment with DudleyGrunt as we signed the book. I could have sat there for a while listening to the fountains, but we had a large hill to climb to continue our cache hunt before I had to get back to the church to continue our missions project of putting on the VBS.
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