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 Lenoir, N.C. is now the sacred keeper of a monumental piece of public art by renowned international sculptor—Thomas Sayr

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Lenoir, in Caldwell County North Carolina, is famous for being a furniture manufacturing town.  A lot of the manufactruing has sadly gone overseas, but to this day much of the design of many higher end furniture pieces get designed and built here.  Evidence of the once thriving furniture business permeate the city.

The Caldwell Arts Council has undertaken a massive public art project to bring Thomas Sayre to Caldwell County for the creation of one of his world-renowned sculptures. From the ground up, Sayre and several local contractors used a technique called earthcasting. This style of casting creates a mold in the earth in which concrete is poured and then pulled from  the ground, creating an inspiring 26-foot diameter, 40,000-pound centerpiece for Caldwell County’s sculpture collection. This sculpture serves as a monument to the manufacturing spirit of Lenoir.

To claim this cache, please post your log with a picture of yourself and/or your GPSr in front of the sculpture.  Extra points for being creative with your picture, so feel free to take a picture from any angle, as long as the sculpture can be seen.


There is some parking on the street by the sculpture, and a parking lot just across the street.  Be careful of the one way streets in the area and you should have no problems.  This sculpture should be available 24/7.


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1 09 March 2016 GoinPostNet Found it

It's about time for an FTF on this cache don't ya think? Nearly 4 years later!

We were driving back home to Charlotte after 4 great days in the mountains and I had to make the quick detour to find out if this sculpture is still standing. Yup, it sure is, and here are pictures to prove it.

Thanks for bringing us here...Lenoir looks like a nice town.

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