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Dylan To The Rescue - OU0522

 Dylan's on the prowl

Hidden by  cycleangela

N 39° 12.750' W 76° 55.074' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Maryland
 Cache Type: Letterbox
 Size: Normal
 Status: Archived
 Date Hidden: 05 August 2012
 Date Created: 05 August 2012
 Last Modified: 30 June 2013
 Waypoint: OU0522


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Kid Friendly Ticks Snakes Thorns Poison Plants In the Woods Limited Hours Letterbox Listed on OCNA Only 

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The cache is not at the posted coordinates. This is only the starting point for the letterbox. Please abide by Howard County Park rules, and only search for this cache during daylight hours. This land also serves as a managed hunting area. At the trail head, dates are posted when the park is closed due to hunting. Other times, you may still want to be cautious and wear blaze orange during hunting season.

Sysco has had his own letterbox out here for some time now, so I thought I'd put one out here for Dylan as well. I adopted Dylan from an animal shelter back home in Mississippi, and he's followed us around since. Our house would be far too quite with this spoiled brat hanging around!

Dylan decided one day to go out and hunt for his big brother Sysco. Little does he know, he went too far. Of course, he is unable to use a GPS, so he had to search based on his surroundings. He started out at the trailhead on Trotter Rd. Like his big brother, he left the red trail to follow the orange trail to chase after some birds. He followed the orange trail markers until he reached the end of the orange trail, where he encountered a sign pointing to go to the blue trail. Instead of making the right turn as the trail marker instructed, he turned left and followed that path until he got to a bridge. He turned around, and noticed some high grass he could hide out in. There is a downed tree with a hiding spot big enough for him to be out of the elements.

There are some pictures below that will guide you along through Dylan's journey. You should be able to view them on a smart phone, but you may also want to print them out before heading out on the trails. They are posted in the order that you will need them.

Even though this is the only geocaching site the letterbox is listed on, it will also be available on the letterboxing sites. I hope to see a few stamps in the log book. Much like my other letterbox, there is a bag with the geocaching log book, and a separate bag containing the letterboxing log book and the stamp. Please bring your own ink.





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9 30 June 2013 cycleangela Cache archived

Cache was archived.

1 05 January 2013 Searcher28 Found it

Found it this afternoon after nice, relaxing walk.  Didn't even need the pictures.  All is well with the cache.  TNLNSL.  This is my first opencaching find.  TFTC!

3 08 October 2012 cycleangela Comment

Hunting dates for the park have been released! Please do not got to the park on these days: (2012) October 15; October 29; November 12; November 19; (2013) January 7; January 28; February 11; February 19.

3 21 August 2012 DudleyGrunt Comment

Recommending.  Thought I'd done this with my initial log.

3 11 August 2012 DudleyGrunt Comment

Updated my earlier phone log.