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Celtic High Cross - OU0578

 A monument to Irish in America and particularly in St. Louis who have or are contributing to the St. Louis region.

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This monument is the product of a project led by Joe McGlynn to honor the Irish Americans in the St. Louis area and their contributions to the area.  The monument itself is an 16.5' tall granite celtic high cross by sculptor John Scott within a reflecting pool at St. John, the Apostle and Evangelist Church - the oldest remaining Irish parish in St. Louis.

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Celtic High Cross


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1 28 January 2014 herbiekid Found it

I had some business to tend to in the area so I figured I would stop by and snap a few pics. We have been here before but didn't have the required photos to log this. I love these Big Crosses, and I'm half Irish Too !!!!   Thanks for the the Virtual Cache, I really do appreciate it.





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Me at the Cross
Me at the Cross

1 29 December 2013 usualkayaker Found it

Quick find

Visit the historical sites when your there.