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Historic South Main St. Geneva, N.Y. - OU057A

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N 42° 51.877' W 76° 59.074' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > New York
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The coordinates at the top of the page are for the Fountain in Pulteney Park, in Geneva, N.Y. It is one of 52 locations on the South Main St. walking tour at the website Geneva is a City of 13,000 residents at the North end of Seneca Lake, the largest of the Finger Lakes. While at that website, (which nicely uses the same color scheme as click on the "Head to the first property on the tour" link, as shown below: 

Clicking on that link will take you to a slide show, with great information and historic photos of all 52 locations, most of which were built from 1825-1850. In addition to the interesting Fountain, there are Rowhouses, several churches, as well as Fraternity Houses and Administrative buildings for Hobart College. If you're an architecture fan, you will not be disappointed with the South Main St. walking tour. 



Have your picture taken in front of any four (4) of the 52 locations on the walking tour. Your choice! If by your lonesome, or if you are camera shy, a pic of you holding your GPS unit in front of one of the locations works fine. Some of these are Rowhouses with multiple addresses, and large private homes. I really don't recommend that. Do you really want to take a picture of yourself in front of someone's house, whether it's historic, and built in 1830 or not? I probably wouldn't. 

I would recommend taking a notepad, or making notes on your Cell Phone of which locations you are taking the pictures at. Do some research ahead of time, and make a plan. Please upload 4 photos (remember the 100KB maximum per picture rule, and that OCNA does not automatically resize photos), and indicate which location on the tour it is. 




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3 24 June 2013 Mr.Yuck Comment

The domain name expired on June 20th 2013! I imagine the website was up the day it was found, SF7 logged 4 days later. Good timing, SF7, who knows how long it would have taken me to notice. Laughing I will contact the domain name owners. I assume they want to keep that website up. UPDATE: The website is back up! I sent the guy an email (looked up an email address in the WHOIS registry) but he never replied. I sent it from a Yahoo account, and it was probably in his spam folder the whole time, and he just renewed on his own. Cache good to go though!

1 19 June 2013 Sabrefan7 Found it

As I log this the Southmainst site is down so I cant give the street addresses. I do have the required pictures though. I took a nice stroll around Geneva and the  campus of Hobart and William Smith Collage its a very picturesque area with some unique things to discover if you take the time to look. The Sun Dial on St. James is quite accurate!  Thanks for bringing me here and the virtual tour Smile


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Presbyterian Church
Presbyterian Church
Episcopal Church
Episcopal Church
St. James Chapel
St. James Chapel
Hobart William Smith Quad
Hobart William Smith Quad
Sun Dial on St. James
Sun Dial on St. James