USB (Dead Drop)
Task Difficulty: 1.0 Out of 5.0
Terrain Difficulty: 1.5 Out of 5.0
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No Pen Required - OU057B

 But you do need a computer

Hidden by  TermiteHunter

N 35° 12.778' W 80° 37.960' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > North Carolina
 Cache Type: USB (Dead Drop)
 Size: No container
 Status: Archived
 Date Hidden: 30 August 2012
 Date Created: 30 August 2012
 Last Modified: 16 August 2017
 Waypoint: OU057B


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USB Dead Drop Cache
The future of cache logging is here.  Forgot your pen, no problem but did you remember to bring a computer?

Take a chance and plug into the wall here to log the cache. I know, you are afraid of getting a virus but you have protection don't you?  How many people do you think are just going to happen upon this and then decide to bring their computer to it, plug in and drop a virus on it?
Surely you can trust other geocachers.
This same method is used all over to transfer and share files. It was started as an art project in 2010 by Aram Bartholl.  I even found one listed here in Charlotte on their site:

There should only be two files on the flash drive.  A read me file and the log.  If you find anything else on there it is up to you to decide if it is worth checking out.
This is only the 3rd dead drop cache on the site.


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9 16 August 2017 TermiteHunter Cache archived

Cache was archived.

3 16 August 2017 TermiteHunter Comment

Cache removed. Too exposed and rusted as a result.
Will archive

5 02 September 2015 ithink314 Cache needs maintenance

USB connection didn't work for last few loggers.

1 02 August 2015 themulcher Found it

And now for something completely different !!! I spotted the cache? as we arrived at GZ. There was a car parked exactly at GZ. Luckly is was not occupied. GPN pulled out his trusty laptop and I used a raincoat as a shield so we could see the screen in the bright August Sun. The connector is quite rusty, which may be the reason we got an error message. Thanks for the fun.
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GPN on Site
GPN on Site

1 02 August 2015 GoinPostNet Found it

The cache was spotted by themulcher as soon as we drove up. Luckily nobody was around this Sunday afternoon because I felt a bit weird plugging my laptop into the wall. Unfortunately, we got the "USB Device Not Recognized" message. The connector is definitely rusty. Oh well, we had fun giving it a try!
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Darn it!
Darn it!