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Ames Monument - OU057F


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N 41° 07.867' W 105° 23.879' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Wyoming
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 Date Hidden: 04 September 2012
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 Waypoint: OU057F


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Note: This cache requires a passcode to log

At this location you will find a pyramid seemingly in the middle of nowhere. But back in the day (1880), it was most definitely somewhere. It marked the highest point of the transcontinental railroad at 8,247 feet. The momument was designed by architect H.H. Richardson and constructed by Union Pacific to honor the brothers Oakes and Oliver Ames. It was a big deal back then and even president Rutherford B. Hayes was present for the dedication ceremony. You can read even more of the fascinating back story here:

There is a sign onsite. Please note the FIRST date listed on the sign. This may be tricky so write them down or take a pic. The date will be your passcode to log the cache.

Please take a picture of yourself or your GPS with the monument in the background. Enjoy your visit!

There is just a few remains of the ghost town of Sherman nearby along with what is left of the cemetary. There may also be a really old GC cache nearby.


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3 14 May 2015 TommyGator Comment

Just a note that the signage at the monument has been changed.  The previous sign containing the passcode has been replaced by three new "storyboard" signs.


Fortunately, the passcode can be found on one of the new signs, but not in the position specified on the cache page.


On one of the signs, there are two side-by-side photos of a trestle.  The passcode is the year that the two photos were taken.


Happy caching!

1 14 May 2015 TommyGator Found it

What a neat place!  It is highly likely that we may never have stopped here if not for this cache.  I just wished that we had more time to do some extra local exploring.  Took quite a few pics before leaving----Thanks for bringing us here!
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Big Monument
Big Monument

1 03 July 2014 tripman1 Found it

A nice spot to stop on a road trip accross I-80.  Saw a few antelope right next to the monument.  Seems Lincoln is a favorite in this state, many monuments around with his likeness. Posting a photo soon.
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1 04 April 2013 Aardvark Found it

I would have liked to been around when the railroad was booming.  These information type caches are very enjoyable.  Thanks.