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 International Fountain at Seattle Center

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 Location: United States > Washington
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The International Fountain is a mainstay from the World’s Fair, but was completely replaced and expanded in a $6.5 million project in 1995. As the centerpiece of the broad open space and lawn, it has been transformed from its early days of hard iron nozzles and surrounding sharp-edged, white rock. Now children can play in the fountain bowl and venture right up to the smooth silver dome. By day the fountain is a favorite lounging area and delight for young and old.

On top of its attraction to the community, the Fountain also takes care of nature. All of the water is recycled and it’s probably the cleanest in the city, with three types of treatment before it ever reaches the public.

Built: Originally in 1961 for 1962 World’s Fair

Replaced & rebuilt: 1995

Landscape Architect: Kenichi Nakano & Associates

Mechanical Designer: WET Design

Diameter of bowl: 220’

Height & width of dome: 10’ tall & 27’ wide

Water Capacity: 9,000 gallons

Water Shooters: 137 total mist nozzles

77 fleur-de-lis’

56 microshooters

4 Super Shooters

Height reached by Super Shooters: 120’

Water in one Super Shooter: 66 gallons

Air pressure in one Super Shooter shot: 120 psi

Number of water programs synchronized to music: 5

Welcome to Seattle Center Show, Aaron Copeland’s ‘Billy the Kid,’ Duke Ellington, Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, and a mix from Northwest Rock ‘n Roll legends.

Time of shows: up to 12 minutes
Take a Picture of Yourself with the Fountain in the Background as Part of Your Visit.


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Vg znl uryc gb unir fbzrbar gb gnxr gur cvpgher sbe lbh nf trggvat pybfr gb gur sbhagnva znl zrna lbh ner trggvat jrg.



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1 11 May 2014 wolfsong Found it

Done with isimud360. No way to attach pictures.

1 26 May 2013 bamafan323 Found it

It seemed only appropraite that I would get an FA cache on the west coast, and I would love to visit this sometime when I am not sharing the park with the thousands of people who were attending the 42nd Anunal Northwest Folklife Festival.  Took about three minutes for a space at the top pf the bowl to open up, and an assist from a kind asian lady, but I got the picture and the smiley.


Thanks FA!

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