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Our Lord and Savior? - OU0096

 This is located at the National Cathedral so please be on your best behavior!

Hidden by  flyingmoose

N 38° 55.830' W 77° 04.290' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > District of Columbia
 Cache Type: Virtual
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 Status: Ready for Search
 Date Hidden: 07 September 2010
 Date Created: 07 September 2010
 Last Modified: 02 April 2015
 Waypoint: OU0096


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Had Lord Vader once been on this planet too? If so when and what did he do to get adorned on this building that has only been around 100 years? These questions and many more may come to mind when you finally find and see him here.

To find him look at the coordinates on google maps or whatever you would like and go to the building and find the best spot to view it.

To log the cache:
Take a photo of you standing with the Darth Vader side of the cathedral behind you, obviously if you are alone just do a headshot or gps and Darth Vader.


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1 11 November 2015 Ericles Found it

I was in town for a business trip and only was able to steal a few hours after we wrapped up today for exploring the city. My family was with and this was our last stop before heading out of town. We arrived at about 5:25 - just as everything was closing down. Cry Fortunately, a tour group was just coming out and they allowed us to sneak in. We were out of time but right on time as choir practice was just about to start. We enjoyed a few beautiful songs until the little one got restless and we had to go do some exploring. I wished it was light outside as the stained glass was just black this evening but the nearly empty cathedral made up for the loss. By the time practice wrapped up and we headed outside again it was pitch black and we had no chance of actually spotting Darth Goyle. I had done some research before hand and knew right where to stand but all I saw was shadows. We did spot some bats flitting about however. Many thanks for bringing this little bit of trivia to my attention. I might have given the Cathedral a pass if not for this cache. TFTC!
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Monster-Truck & Ericles
Monster-Truck & Ericles

1 24 August 2015 Mr.Yuck Found it

Well, I did the cache BEFORE taking the guided tour (and hearing about Darth Vader), so I could kind of figure out the Darth Vader reference beforehand, and had the wife take a couple long distance pics of me assuming he would be in them. I will upload at least one of those pics when I get home. Don't worry, I'm good for it, I'm the site webmaster. 
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Well, he's definitely in this one
Well, he's definitely in this one

1 15 December 2013 sfcchaz Found it

I spent the day in and around DC geocaching. My main goal was to locate a few caches in a couple of the alternate games. I walked over 10 miles and grabbed 11 caches in 3 different games today. This was one of three in the OCUS game I got along the way.

This was a very nicely placed cache. I have been here a few times in the past, but wanted to get the photo for this one. TNLN TFTC

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sfcchaz at Our Lord and Savior?
sfcchaz at Our Lord and Savior?

1 11 November 2010 DudleyGrunt Found it

2184.  One of ten caches in DC and four at the WNC, today.  This was my first visit and I very much enjoyed it.  I was on site for 2 hours!  Thanks for bringing me here and for the unusual bit of trivia.

Happy Trails!



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He's Up There, Somewhere
He's Up There, Somewhere