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Terrain Difficulty: 2.0 Out of 5.0
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Ladycoop's Lost Letterbox - OU009F

 Quick hide not far off the road.

Hidden by  jeffbouldin

N 35° 58.558' W 86° 30.928' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Tennessee
 Cache Type: Traditional
 Size: Normal
 Status: Archived
 Time: 0:05 h   Distance to Travel: 0.10 mi
 Date Hidden: 12 September 2010
 Date Created: 12 September 2010
 Last Modified: 28 January 2015
 Waypoint: OU009F
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One day the girls and I are out caching and we decide to go find Ladycoop's Love Letterbox #5 off Stones River Road in LaVergne. As we approach the area we find swag strewn all over the ground. Then we find the lid and the bottom of the cache. We even found the log book. It was all intact just a little wet. Well since we did not know where the cache was originally placed and everything needed to be dried out we picked everything up and brought it home. I contacted Ladycoop and over the next month we exchanged e-mails but could not get our schedules to coincide. So I asked and received permission to use her cache.

This cache is placed as a tribute to Ladycoop. She has done allot to bring quality caches to the Smyrna area for all of our enjoyment. Birdbrain05's first cache was Lunch Time Buffet and Lou Lou Magoos and Zo Zo's first was Hounds Found Here. We all owe allot to her dedication to the sport.


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9 28 January 2015 Mr.Yuck Cache archived

Cache was archived.

1 04 October 2010 Madhatterz Found it

Who would have know a caches was there TFTC