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Two mile multi - OU00A1

 Not really a 2 mile walk! But a nice area

Hidden by  Mr.Yuck

N 42° 59.893' W 78° 54.109' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > New York
 Cache Type: Multicache
 Size: Small
 Status: Ready for Search
 Time: 0:15 h   Distance to Travel: 0.50 mi
 Date Hidden: 12 September 2010
 Date Created: 12 September 2010
 Last Modified: 27 January 2015
 Waypoint: OU00A1


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Offset Cache In the Woods Limited Hours Listed on OCNA Only 

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Fear not! This is not a 2 mile walk! WNY's first, and NY State's 2nd, Opencache is located along the banks of Two mile creek in Tonawanda, NY. It is a 2 leg multi with both legs not far off a paved bike trail. It's pretty common for creeks to be named for their length from source to mouth in NY and Ontario. I can't speak for anywhere else though, I haven't studied creek naming conventions elsewhwhere. Tongue out

Two mile creek has it's source at a pond located on the property of Praxair, Inc. on Sheridan Drive in the Town of Tonawanda, although I doubt this is it's original, natural source. It flows approximately 2 miles to it's confluence with the Niagara River in the City of Tonawanda in Niawanda Park, where a pedestrian bike trail bridge crosses it mere feet from it's confluence.

At the listed coordinates, you will find a screw-top plastic container, which once contained yummy Target brand smoked almonds, with coordinates for the final cache, a small lock-n-lock container. Whose idea was it that legs of a multi-cache had to be "micros in the woods", anyways?

I'd say your total round-trip walk along this nice bike trail is less than 1/2 mile total. Parking coordinates provided.

Additional Waypoints

Stage Symbol   Type   Coordinates  Description
Parking AreaN 42° 59.802'
W 78° 54.088'
 Parking area along two mile creek road. 

Additional Hints   Decrypt

yrt bar, oevpxf naq ebpxf. Yrt gjb, ovt ebpxf, pbirerq ol yvggyr ebpxf.



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1 04 December 2010 Borst68 Found it

With a work closure due to a driving ban in S. Buffalo, I thought I'd head over to where there isn't any snow at all and so some caching.  Beautiful day in the Tonawandas!  Can't expect December days any better than this unless you are below the Mason-Dixon line.  Had lots of trouble at leg one as my GPS insisted I go down the hill.  Checked another likely spot then went for the hint.  Final was easy.  I spotted the spot very quickly.  A quick signature on the log and I was off.  Thanks for a nice cache on bike trail!

3 21 November 2010 Mr.Yuck Comment

I stopped by my own cache to grab this Geokrety thing to place in a new opencache about a mile away. Imagine that, free Geocaching travelers you make yourself. They don't cost like $5.95 apiece, and are not part of tens of millions of dollars in revenue for a Geocaching website. Sorry, had to comment. But alas, there's nothing there. Perhaps the Gofster took it?

1 15 November 2010 GOF Found it

Managed to find this one despite the hear of wiener dogs Guarding the area of leg one. Once the self propelled bedroom slippers moved on we got our coords and moved on down the trail. With the area around the final deserted we had no problem logging in.

Thanks for the fun.

1 15 October 2010 Szuchie Found it

Chicky and I found this one today. We rather enjoyed this lil' slice of bikepath, even though we did nearly scare the turd out of an unsuspecting dog walker. Meh, so is the plight of the semi-urban cacher.

Anyhoo, we found both legs with no trouble, and even took the final for a walk a little further down the trail so we could sign in to the sounds of Two Mile Creek. Pretty interesting location - I should have looked to see if there were any GC's or whatever else placed nearby, but I'm far too lazy to spend that much time planning.

So with the cache signed, logged and all that fun jazzness...we returned it to it's hiding spot with a geokretter we picked up eariler in the week. Damned if I know how to log it in here...but I'll figure something out. Hahaha.

Thanks mean Mr. Yucklebuckle.


3 20 September 2010 Sabrefan7 Comment

I am not used to these bike path things! If we had em out here the Fire Dept would be called out for bike vs cow accidents Surprised