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Why Do Cats Climb Trees? - OU0680

 A nice area for a little cache

Hidden by  Bernoulli

N 39° 30.864' W 84° 01.223' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Ohio
 Cache Type: Traditional
 Size: Micro
 Status: Ready for Search
 Date Hidden: 09 August 2013
 Date Created: 10 August 2013
 Last Modified: 10 August 2013
 Waypoint: OU0680


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I think cats climb trees for lots of reasons and I'll list a few here. But I think you know which one of these reasons is the REAL reason cats climb trees...

1. Cats are predators so they want a better view of their surroundings for the attack.

2. Cats can escape animals that might be chasing them.

3. Cats climb trees for fun, you know, sort of like why people climb trees if they aren't arborists.

4. Cats see something in the tree that "caches" their attention (like a bird or a squirrel) and just can't resist checking it out.

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Gurer'f bayl bar guvat gb qb urer. Zl tenaqzbgure pbhyq qb gung. Fur'f nyzbfg 90.





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1 11 August 2013 boydfamily Found it

Was here for the geo event and found it with the CO watching as the 12 year old from americanmade team wanted to do the climbing. Thanks for another fine cache!

1 10 August 2013 TommyGator Found it

Didn't see any cats near the GZ, but did manage to find the cache.  Once I spotted it, I cogitated just a bit to determine the best means of completing the task---then took the required actions and soon was putting ink to log.  Had a great time at the nearby event and had the pleasure of meeting the CO.  FTF @ 1845.   TFTC!

1 10 August 2013 Almost 5 Found it

3 10 August 2013 Bernoulli Comment

There is an event going on at this location tomorrow, August 10, for the Perseid Meteor Shower among other things. Free camping on the beach, and here is the gc event listing: Night at the beach III