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The Rock School - OU00AB

 Nice little hike in a city park.

Hidden by  jeffbouldin

N 35° 58.700' W 86° 31.302' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Tennessee
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 Date Hidden: 12 September 2010
 Date Created: 13 September 2010
 Last Modified: 13 September 2010
 Waypoint: OU00AB
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Many of us have visited the building on this property, walked the trail, or played on the playground. But if you are like me you don't know why it is called Rock School Park.

In 1893 William Jarratt donated 5 acres to the creation of the Smyrna Fitting School and by 1895 it was opened. Since all of its teachers graduated from the Webb School in Bell Buckle, TN it was modeled after that school. The tuition was $5.00 a month. College Street (which boarders the property next to the playground) was built to bring people from the N.C.&St.L. R.R. depot in "downtown" Smyrna.

In 1910 the school shut down and Rutherford County purchased the property and opened an elementary and high school. In 1921 the then existing wood frame building was torn down and a stone (rock) building was built in its place. This was a U shaped building with rooms on either side of an auditorium. A gymnasium with a dirt floor was added in 1927, a couple of years later asphalt was poured for a floor and during the depression W.P.A. workers rebuilt it with a wood floor and bleachers.

In 1932 the building burned and in 1933 it was rebuilt using the original rock walls. From 1933-1959 many additions were added and a barracks building was moved from the Thompson Lane Naval Station to the property and used for additional classrooms and a cafeteria.

In 1960 a brand new high school was opened at the corner of Hazelwood Drive and Todd Lane (currently Smyrna Middle School), and grades 7-12 were moved there and grades 1-6 stayed in the Rock School. !n 1964 Smyrna Primary opened and grades 1-3 moved there and grades 4-8 moved back to the Rock School.

In 1976 the Old Rock School burned down and the remains were torn down. While searching for the cache go and examine the rock wall close to the library, it was built using stone from the old building found while building the library.


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3 19 April 2017 TommyGator Comment

Per cross-listing, this cache was archived/removed in May of 2015.

1 04 October 2010 Madhatterz Found it

TFTC this was another fun hide