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Red Jacket Monument - OU06DE

 Red Jacket Monument

założona przez  Frank Broughton

N 42° 55.386' W 78° 51.958' (WGS84)

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 Lokalizacja: United States > New York
 Typ skrzynki: Wirtualna
 Wielkość: Bez pojemnika
 Status: Gotowa do szukania
 Data ukrycia: 23 November 2013
 Data utworzenia: 23 November 2013
 Ostatnio zmodyfikowano: 24 November 2013
 Waypoint: OU06DE


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Red Jacket - known as Otetiani in his youth and Sagoyewatha (Keeper Awake) Sa-go-ye-wa-tha because of his oratorical skills (c. 1750–January 20, 1830) was a Native American Seneca orator and chief of the Wolf clan. He negotiated on behalf of his nation with the new United States after the American Revolutionary War, when the Seneca as British allies were forced to cede much land, and signed the Treaty of Canandaigua (1794).

This memorial is located in Forest Lawn cemetery,

To log this cache you must visit the memorial and take a picture of yourself at the location with the memorial in the background.


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1 05 November 2017 Bon Echo Znaleziona

Stopped into Forest Lawn lokoing to do the two alt-site virtuals (this one on OCNA and the Millard Fillmore virtual on Terracaching.com) and find a few of the several letterboxes. We managed to get the virtuals and two letterboxes before being escorted off the property. Seriously. Turns out the gate gates closed and LOCKED at 5 pm on Saturday, and it was about 20 after 5 when an employee found us and (nicely) escorted us to and unlocked the gate so we could leave. After that we made our way to the Church of the Nativity in Tonawanda to watch the GIFF movies. Was hoping to maybe run into the OCNA webmaster there and maybe to meet you as well, but looks like both parties were no-shows. Or maybe you were there and haven;t logged it yet. Funny how noone at geocaching events talks to anyone else unless they already know them. I've been to 26 geocaching events and find them to be the most awkward gatherings. Letterboxers on the other hand, now they know how to say hi to the new people. Anyway, I'm off topic. Thanks for the virtual, hope to get back to the buffalo soon and get some more of those  alt-caches.
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bon echo, also in red
bon echo, also in red

1 28 November 2013 Mr.Yuck Znaleziona

Thanks for the caches, Frank! There could actually be several Virtuals in Forest Lawn, I may or may not do that. I had heard of Red Jacket, but all these years, I never looked into the history behind the man. Very interesting. I also never really noticed his memorial. Nor that the Inkwells cache requires you to get information from his memorial to find their tunnel cache. Not that I'm ever going in there. So I stopped by here before starting a little Munzee run. Which I gave up on after about 15 minutes, too cold! I'll come back later to finish those. We at OCUS (and Terracaching.com) are generally good with a "gps picture" for solo cachers, but after several failed tries, I was able to get a self-portrait in scary winter garb. Tongue out
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The Memorial
The Memorial
Scary Self-Portrait
Scary Self-Portrait