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Statystyka skrzynki
Como se Llama? - OU0722

 No Comprende!

Hidden by  FailedApparatus

N 35° 24.498' W 80° 50.551' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > North Carolina
 Cache Type: Virtual
 Size: No container
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 Time: 0:04 h   Distance to Travel: b.d.
 Date Hidden: 15 May 2014
 Date Created: 13 May 2014
 Last Modified: 15 May 2014
 Waypoint: OU0722


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NOTE: You do not need to enter the yard to log this cache.
I can't quite explain why this is here, nor have I ever gone to the door to ask, but I'm sure it is a fascinating story.  To claim credit for this cache, post a picture of yourself with the statue in the background.  Bonus points if you wish to ask the resident here the story of this feature and post it in your log.

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Vg vf gur juvgr fgnghr va gur sebag lneq orgjrra gur gjb jnyxjnlf.



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1 17 November 2016 texliebmann Found it

already logged this once, but the OC site crashed. Here is my second attempt.

The first time I wrote something funny in Spanish like: Se llama la llama. Hallado durante una visita de la Colmena.

I had fun finding this. I parked at a nearby church and got a good walk out of this.

GPEC (TFTC en español)

Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
La llama
La llama

1 19 October 2015 keith713 Found it

Found on a busy day, just stopped jmped from car and got a selfie! Cool Statue Maybe a business in their about Alpacas?!?


Fun!  16:57:28

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Pic at GZ
Pic at GZ

1 30 August 2015 ithink314 Found it

Felt like we'd stopped at the beer place, when seeing a Llama in a yard. Me llama ithink, I think. Will upload proof of stop shortly.

Thanks, FailedApparatus, for setting this up!

+/- # 48 @ August 30, 2015 15:29.
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Quién Sabe Llama
Quién Sabe Llama

1 29 August 2015 Militescriste Found it

TFTC. Second virtual today. Thanks for the hide. I will attach the photo when I get home. This is Dad with Team Stieney signing off and caching on!

Logged with GeoCaches iOS application, 53 m. from the cache
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Me with the Llama...
Me with the Llama...

1 17 August 2014 Mrs. HB31 Found it

Fascinating - never seen a llama in a front yeard before, but somehow it just works.
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