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Mint Hill Town Hall Virtual - OU073F

 Mint Hill Town Hall Gold Dome

Hidden by  QueensGrantMusic

N 35° 10.589' W 80° 39.281' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > North Carolina
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 Date Hidden: 06 June 2014
 Date Created: 06 June 2014
 Last Modified: 03 August 2015
 Waypoint: OU073F


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This new Town Hall Building was dedicated in 2012.  Mint Hill was incorporated on March 11, 1971 actually for the second time.  John McEwen was appointed Mayor until an election could be held.  A total of 26 candidates registered for an opportunity to govern Mint Hill and 550 voters cast their ballors.  From the top five, Bob Long was selected to serve as the first Mayor of Mint Hill.  On the eleventh anniversary of the town's incorporation, Councilman John McEwen and his wife Eva Scott McEwen donated 5.5 acres of land to the Town of Mint Hill where the first town hall was built.  Today the first town hall building is home of the Mint Hill Police Departement down the road from this spot.


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1 21 December 2017 ithink314 Found it

It's a cool relatively new building. Quick stop and snap. Thanks!
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Minty me
Minty me

1 31 January 2015 rvstauff Found it

Finally stopped by to snap a pic.

Thanks for setting this up, QGM!
Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
RV at town hall
RV at town hall

1 29 January 2015 HB31 Found it

I was in Mint Hill this morning capping a few Munzees and thought I'd stop to snap a picture here.  The building looks good in the early morning sunlight.
Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
Town Hall
Town Hall

1 29 January 2015 crescent trekkers Found it

This is my first open cache and special thanks for getting me to this place.  The building is vey impressive.
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My First Open Cache!
My First Open Cache!

1 28 January 2015 myblizzy Found it

Found it with math.lady.  It was much more fun than our errands.
Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
mblizzy at the town hall
mblizzy at the town hall