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I noticed the "Date Hidden" was 7/3 vs 7/15. I updated it, then noticed it had already been approved and published.

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Join us for the drawings for the GPSr, OCNA Pathtags and other prizes to be awarded to the GCGC members that participated in the Challenge.

The Mission Impossible prize will also be awarded during the event.

July 15 2014
At the Korean War Memorial in Mint Hill
GPSr Winner:  HB31

MrsHB31:                      Pathtag and OCNA Patch
QueensGrantMusic:    TermiteHunter Walking Stick and OCNA T-Shirt
CCG9:                            Pathtag and Webcam
RVStauff:                       Pathtag and OCNA IPA six pack (that he shared)
GoinPostnet:                 Pathtag


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7 16 July 2014 TermiteHunter attended the event

Winners announced


7 16 July 2014 themulcher attended the event

I was there and the only prize I won was a nice IPA. Great time discussing all games coord oriented. Grabbed a few munzees with a group in a light rain . So glad to hear the youngster was patched up without a lot of effort. 


Thanks TH for keeping the games alive. 

7 16 July 2014 rvstauff attended the event

I was there!


Awesome event.  Sharing OCNA IPAs with friends and discussing all things GCGC was a lot of fun.


I am also happy to report I heard from HoosierSunshine and FailedApp, and the injury is not a major deal - a few stitches and he's good as new!

7 15 July 2014 QueensGrantMusic attended the event

I was LTF (Last To Find) because I had an orchestra rehearsal to conduct.  But I did make it and I won a cool walking stick and a T-shirt.  Thank you so much for this event.  It was my first OCNA Event also.


See you all at the next one!

7 15 July 2014 FailedApparatus attended the event

Always fun catching up with fellow GCGCers.