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Terrain Difficulty: 2.5 Out of 5.0
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GWP: The Creepy Red Trail Bonus - The Final Chapter - OU00C1

 The final stop on the tour of the Creepy Red Trail.

Hidden by  Borst68

N 43° 10.500' W 78° 43.348' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > New York
 Cache Type: Quiz
 Size: Small
 Status: Archived
 Date Hidden: 24 September 2010
 Date Created: 21 September 2010
 Last Modified: 02 December 2012
 Waypoint: OU00C1


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In the Woods Listed on OCNA Only 

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The trail is home to many old deformed trees and large twisted vines.  Even during the bright summer sun you get an eerie feeling while walking this trail, as if you are being watched.  This cache and two others will take you for a tour of the red trail.  

The posted coordinates are for parking only.  The location of the cache can be found in the first two caches of this series (OU00BF) and (OU00C0).  Find those two and you will know where the final cache is hidden in Gulf Wilderness Park.

Besides the general creepiness of this trail, one also must beware of several other hazards.  The terrain can be steep at times.  Rocks are also abundant here.  Most of the trails here have some rocky stretches that can cause slips, trips and spills.  If you slip on a rock and reach for a tree to regain your balance, make sure the tree isn't covered with poison ivy!  Poison ivy is the semi-official plant of Niagara County.  It seems to cover everything that isn't covered by thorns.   Stay on the trail (this is a tour of the trail after all...) and you should be ok.  If you do enter a rocky area, PLEASE be careful.

Parking #1 is the best parking if you are planning on doing ONLY the Creepy Red Trail series.  If you are doing other caches in this fine park, Parking 2 may or may not be better.  I have listed both.  It really doesn't matter too much where you park.  I have also included a jpeg of a map I made.  The Creepy Red Trail is the red line on the map.

Coordinates:  All coordinates were acquired using a Garmin Dakota 20.  Given the dense foliage and slope of the area, your GPS may end up being less accurate than you would like.

Good Luck and Be Safe!

Other caches in the series: Gulf Wilderness Park: The Creepy Red Trail (OU00BF) & Gulf Wilderness Park: The Creepy Red Trail Sequel (OU00C0).

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9 02 December 2012 Borst68 Cache archived

Cache was archived.

3 02 December 2012 Borst68 Comment

Thanks to everyone who stopped by.

1 13 July 2012 Recommendation DudleyGrunt Found it

3412.  After making the finds on GWP:TCRT #1 and #2, I headed to this one.  Cache as in great shape and well hidden / secured.  I took nothing and left my wooden nickel.  

Thanks and Happy Trails!

Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
GWP:TCRT Parking - Trailhead
GWP:TCRT Parking - Trailhead

1 07 September 2011 Recommendation sfcchaz Found it

We are in this area on a mini vacation at Niagara Falls. Of course with vacation comes caching. This was the fifth of nine OCUS caches today in the area. As I eluded to in the previous log, I thought that perhaps the final would be in the direction of the car, but no such luck. The trail for this series was great and thanks for placing the caches. I recommended this cache (in effect recommending all three in the series) Wink.  I left a personal pathtag. TN TFTC
Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
One of those creepy trees.
One of those creepy trees.

1 14 July 2011 Cski Found it

Found the other two caches this morning and zeroed in on the bonus soon after.  All the caches in this series are in great shape!!!  Nice, dry and tucked in nice and secure.  Thanks again for all of your time Borst in placing these caches and getting me out to this little nugget of nature!!!