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Sharkgirl - OU079B

 Virtual cache, Canalside, downtown Buffalo, N.Y.

Hidden by  Mr.Yuck

N 42° 52.706' W 78° 52.674' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > New York
 Cache Type: Virtual
 Size: No container
 Status: Ready for Search
 Date Hidden: 18 December 2014
 Date Created: 19 December 2014
 Last Modified: 19 July 2015
 Waypoint: OU079B


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NOTE: This picture is from the original location. This cache has been moved about 500 feet. Updated picture at at a future date.

Sharkgirl is an interactive piece of public art in downtown Buffalo, N.Y. This means she is designed to be sat next to, and have your picture taken with her. That is the goal of this virtual cache, although we realize some Geocachers are camera shy, and we're fine with your hand holding your GPS unit in the picture, or if you cache exclusively with your phone, holding a piece of paper with a note you're finding the cache or something. Improvise, if need be.

As you can probably imagine, there is a very interesting story behind Sharkgirl. Buffalo's Albright-Knox Art Gallery paid an undisclosed sum for artist Casey Riordan Millard's fiberglass statue, which was funded with a $6,000 grant through the Cincinnati, Ohio Arts Ambassador Fellowship. Sharkgirl spent one year on the Cincinnati waterfront before being sold, and moved to Buffalo in August, 2014. 

Although there was a minor controversy in Cincinnati over the move, Millard herself told the Cincinnati Enquirer "It was a little sad moving her, but I'm so excited about my first out-of-state (and region!) museum sale. I cannot believe the reception she is getting in Buffalo. Feeling gratitude to Buffalo and to the Cincinnati grant that allowed me to make her in the first place. Proof that the individual artist grant programs do work, and allow artists to make huge progress in their careers."

Indeed Sharkgirl is a big hit in Buffalo. She even has her own Twitter account, @sharkgirlbflo. Free on street parking very nearby, if you're lucky enough to find it. Otherwise, you're on your own, and may have to pay for it. Weekends during the day are the best time to pay a visit to Sharkgirl, if you want to park nearby for free.


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1 02 August 2015 sundrops260 Found it

Was in the area for the color run and I had to make it a point to go find shark girl too.. Thank you
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3 19 July 2015 Mr.Yuck Comment

I have updated the coordinates, although I just got them from the "Geocache Placer" smartphone app. Forgot my stupid GPS. I also stupidly forgot to take a picture of Sharkgirl by herself in her new location for the cache page. Not like I won't be there again someday.
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Mrs.Yuck and Yuck Jr. with Sharkgirl
Mrs.Yuck and Yuck Jr. with Sharkgirl

1 16 June 2015 Rayman Found it

After being pesterd for quite some time by the CO to find Sharkgirl's new location, I finally took a walk down on lunch today to meet her. And also to see the newly built canals and bridges. Had to wait out a class of little kids on a field trip before I could get my pic, but they moved along quickly. So it was nice to finally get down to the area, which looks fantastic, and to meet the infamous statue. Thanks for the fun, pal!
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Rayman & Sharkgirl
Rayman & Sharkgirl

3 14 May 2015 Mr.Yuck Comment

Thanks Athryn and RunsFromBears. Apparently, she was moved in late April, and is staying at the new location (found a few news reports). Using a combination of Google sat view and pictures of people with her she has retweeted on her Twitter account, I'm confident I've nailed the new coordinates within 25 feet. Rayman should find it and verify them next week, if everything goes according to plan.

1 14 May 2015 RunsFromBears Found it

Stopped and paid Shark Girl a visit. They did move her to a new location at Canalside though.