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Dunkirk Lighthouse and Veterans Park Virtual - OU07AA

 Historic Park dedicated to the US Coast Guard Service and more

Hidden by  Bon Echo

N 42° 29.623' W 79° 21.216' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > New York
 Cache Type: Virtual
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 Date Hidden: 14 August 2013
 Date Created: 25 February 2015
 Last Modified: 26 February 2015
 Waypoint: OU07AA


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Kid Friendly Wheelchair Access Historic Site Limited Hours Listed on OCNA Only 

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The posted coordinates will bring you to Dunkirk Light, also known as Point Gratiot Light. There is so much to see on this small parcel of land bordering Lake Erie in northwest New York state. You can park in the lot and visit the grounds for free; be sure to visit the gift shop while there. You can also take a guided tour of the lighthouse for a small fee. See for details

To log this virtual cache you will need to go to the posted coordinates and find the Log Password. You will not be able to log the cache without the log password. The location where you'll find the log password is outdoors, but will only be accessible while the grounds are open to the public. The park may only be opened sproadically during the winter months (November - April), or may be closed altogether.See for hours. Keep reading to find out what log password you are looking for. 

The main attraction is the Dunkirk Light, including the light tower and keepers house. 
The lighthouse was established in 1826 and the current tower was first lit in 1875. The lighthouse was automated in 1960 and is still operational. The foundation is made out of dressed stone and the lighthouse is made out of rubblestone encased in brick. The tower is a square shaped tower. The upper two thirds is white and the lower one third is natural and the lantern housing is red. The original lens is a third order Fresnel lens installed in 1857 and is still in operation. Its being still in use makes it a rarity. Only 70 such lenses are operational in the United States, 16 being on the Great Lakes of which two are in New York
In 1875-1876, a 61-foot stone tower and a beautiful Victorian residence were constructed to replace the original tower, which was threatened by erosion. These structures still stand today. Bricks from the original keeper's house formed the foundation for the new house. The old cylindrical tower was moved adjacent to the new keeper's residence. A square tower was built around the old tower "to be more compatible with the keeper's house."

You will also find the following items on this property
Veterans Museum, which has an extensive collection of military artifacts displayed in various buildings on the grounds
The South Buffalo North Side Light, erected in Buffalo Harbour in 1903 and relocated to the Dunkirk Lighthouse and Veterans Park in 1985
A collection of ship anchors, including the anchor from the sunken ship Annabell Wilson (sunk 1913)
A ships bell dated 1823 
The large wooden ship rudder circa 1850's
A collection of retired boats including some US Coast Guard vessels
A memorials to local veterans, including flags, cannons, a small tank, and memorial stones and plaques
A memorial to the lighthouse keepers of the Dunkirk Lighthouse, placed on the 200th anniversary of the United States Lighthouse Service 

This last item is where you will find the log password. The location of this memorial will be easy to find, since the posted coordinates will lead you there. Failing that, simply look for the large memorial stone, containing the dedication plaque, with a miniaturized lighthouse on top. I have included a photo showing the front of the memorial with this listing. There is a second plaque on the back side of the monument, which reads "FOUR GENERATIONS OF (NAME) PROUDLY DEDICATE THIS IN LOVING MEMORY". The exact First Name and Middle Initial of the person who donated this plaque is the LOG PASSWORD. Enter it in this form "Abcde F". It cannot be found online, you must visit the site.




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1 02 August 2015 sundrops260 Found it

We were in the area to go boating and fishing but the wind and waves were a bit too rough so we headed out for a couple caches and a walk by the beach.. Thank you for bringing us to this great place

3 24 May 2015 Mr.Yuck Comment

Still unfound here, and on that other site!! I arrived much later than I wanted to on the way home from GW (8:30 PM), and sure enough, everything was locked up. I'll try again some time.